Friday, 16 October 2009

Shopping! NARS and Sleek.

So yesterday me and my sister took our brother shopping to give him a makeover! He's nearly 21 and his dress sense is not good, he wears lots of football shirts, wrestling and character tshirts! So yesterday we (when I say we, it was me who did most of the choosing!) took him to buy new clothes which was fun. But of course, I was in the city centre - I can't go there without a little trip in Selfridges. I went to the MAC counter but to be honest I have lost my love for them recently, there's nothing I really want (well maybe a few eyeshadows) but I just don't find the quality all that great. So we had a walk around, and ended up at NARS. The night before I went I couldn't sleep because I was trying to decide what I should buy (sad right?) as I blogged the other day I haven't been buying new make up as I need new clothes but I can't find much I like in the shops at the moment, so I had been thinking of buying NARS Orgasm blush.

We went to the counter and as usual I was being very indecisive so the counter girl tried Orgasm, Super Orgasm and Deep Throat on me but I preffered Orgasm. So I got that and the Mekong eyeshadow which is just so so gorgeous I LOVE it!!

You can see from that swatch how beautiful and sparkly it is! I have come to accept now I am a neutral girl, I don't go for the bright eyeshadows I just like the browns and shimmery shades. I also went to Superdrug and bought the Sleek Ink Por eyeliner gel in glacier which is just white, I wanted it for a base for my eyeshadows. So today I applied the glacier over my lid, mekong all over the lid and blended up and out a bit, then I put a bit of gold on the inner quarter of my eye. It looks lovely "in real life" but I just can't get it to pick up on camera, it looks green!

But here is my FOTD

(Excuse the hair I haven't had chance to straighten it yet)
So I have on my usual foundation, MSF and my new NARS Orgasm blush (which I dropped!!! I really thought it would have smashed I felt sick!) with Mekong and the gold colour from the Sleek storm pallette on my eyes, white barry m liner on the waterline and Rimmel The Max mascara!
My sister bought 2 eyeshadows, a blue and a white I can't remember their name's but she has gone shopping again today so no doubt she will do a post on her blog later on, look out for that. We were both so excited and hyper after we'd bought them it was quite funny.


  1. hi sister i cannot believe you dropped it lols. well i bought it today along with a 236 brush yea a proper eyeshadow brush and just a powder and max factor false lash effect mascara lols. i need to blog but cbb hehe xxx

  2. oh sorry 239 brush and my hair is plum power now lols so is my face hehe xx

  3. That eyeshadow is absolutely gorgeous, im going to have to get it for myself! I have only recently bought my first 3 nars products, and i showed them on my blog, i would love it if you checked it out xx

  4. mekong is just divine!! and you have used it brilliantly...