Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Battle of the Neutrals....

I think you all know I love neutral coloured eyeshadows, and in fact I have far too many. However this week I have bought 2 new palette's and had to come and tell you about them!

Since I got my Urban Decay Naked palette, I think I have used it about 90% of the time, the other 10% is when I've wanted a bit more sparkle so have used my MAC Pigments but I will always reach for my Naked Palette as its so versatile. However, some of the shadows are getting really dipped and I'm worried I'm about to hit pan. After seeing lots of blog posts this week about the new Sleek 'Oh So Special' palette I went straight out to buy it, and I'm glad I did!

You can see the beautiful shades and I have to say this is the best offering we've had from Sleek for a while. It does remind me of the Storm palette but I like that this has more Matte's and less gold and bronze. I think Gateau is a pretty good dupe for Sin from the Naked palette (review is here) which is my most used shadow. Gateau looks good with The Mail and Boxed in the crease, or with just Wrapped Up in the crease and outer corner. I love Glitz for a gorgeous shimmery blue smokey eye. I got this for £6.99 from a lady on our local market but she also has an eBay shop here. You can also purchase it from Superdrug.

After buying this I saw lots of talk on Facebook and Twitter of the new MUA Pro range, I've had a look in my local Superdrug and it hadn't arrived yet so on my trip to the Trafford Centre today (I passed my driving test! I can do all the shopping I want now) I had a look in Superdrug and spotted the stand. Luckily they had the Heaven & Earth palette in and I picked it up and went straight to the till. A few people have likened this to the Naked palette and I have to say, they're right. This is a fabulous palette, for only £4 you get 12 fabulous eyeshadows with great pigmentation. I think MUA could become the new Sleek with these new palettes as the Sleek ones did used to be £4.99 and have recently shot upto nearly £7 (which IMO is still a bargain). These MUA palettes will definitely catch the eye of many teenagers trying to make their pocket money stretch, or in fact anyone with a love of makeup!

Gorgeous colours! You can there's some lovely taupes, bronze, gold and creamy colours. The third shade on the bottom row is a fantastic dupe for Sin - even more so than the Sleek dupe. However my camera just would not pick the colours up. I haven't used the palette yet but they feel the same as the single eyeshadows from MUA and I love them, and feel they last a good amount of time. I'll definitely be looking at the other palette's once they come into my local store (to find out if your store will have the pro range check out these links stores and additional stores)

I'd like to say I won't ever need another neutral eyeshadow again, but I'd be lying as I just can't resist buying them. Have you tried either of these?

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Orly Cotton Candy...

Hello lovely followers!

Sorry for the long gap in blog posts, I've been on holiday and have been feeling a bit lazy with the blog lately but I'm feeling a bit more motivated now.

You'll have seen this polish in my eBay haul and it is my favourite of the ones I bought.

Its a beautiful creamy peachy pink colour which I have been loving for the short spells of sunshine we've had. It does take three coats for it to be opaque but I find it dries quite quickly. It lasted 3 days (which Seche Vite) before peeling off.

If you don't have this, and peachy pinks are your thing - you need it!