Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Models Own Utopia

Utopia is a milky lilacy/grey colour. I was a bit unsure of it at first but after a couple of days wear I really like it. As with all Models Own polishes it applied beautifully, 2 coats and it was opaque and it lasted really well.

With Flash which I think shows it to its more true colour than the natural light picture.

Friday, 27 August 2010

Hair update!

Well you all know what happened with the bleach. On Thursday I went to my salon and discussed it and they took 2 bits of hair and tested them, one with dye, the other with bleach. The dye one didn't change at all! It stayed ginger. The bleach one just broke off at the ends.

Anyway, all week I have been missing my dark hair..but at the same time have still wanted blonde so I just asked them to take it darker and add blonde. Which they did and I'm so pleased with it! I'm definately keeping it like this...

So here is the before picture

Excuse the double chin and paleness!

So you can see it lifted pretty well at the roots but the ends were ginger!

Here is the finished result

I'm so happy with it!!

Made with Love..

A few weeks ago my two sisters set up their own hand made jewellery website. They make loads of gorgeous designs, and will also custom make anything you want.

Here is one they made for me..

Its such a cute bracelet with silvery/pewter beads and a little charm. You can pick your own charm or have it without. Fantastic for everyday wear and for nights out!

They also do Pandora style bangles and bracelets.

Links style bracelets.

And beautiful coloured bracelets.

They're all fantastic value for money and if you use discount code GLITTERS you will get 10% off your first order. Orders can be made through their Facebook fan page Here

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Models Own Haul & My collection!

If you saw my post a while back about Models Own trying to get to 10,000 likes on Facebook you'll know they have hit their target and their 50% sale is now on! Not being one to miss out on a bargain I placed an order on Friday night which turned up today. Pretty impressive considering how many orders they seem to have had.

Left-Right Purple Grey, Purple Poppy, Utopia, Lilac Fantasy, Turkish Delight and Beth's Blue.

For these 6 polishes it was £15 and free P&P. They should have cost £30. I will swatch all of these soon so you can see how pretty they all are, so far Beth's Blue is my favourite! I know they are all sort of similar colours but I have a thing for purples at the moment.

A few weeks ago, Col did try to get me to stop buying polish when he looked at the shelf on my side of the bed one night and noticed my collection had expanded quite a lot. The day after he said it, I went out and bought 3 more. Never try and stop a girl from buying nail polish!

I thought I'd show you my collection

And it looks pretty from underneath where you can see all the lovely colours

They're mostly Barry M, Models Own and 17 but I have a lot of Nails Inc which have come free with Magazines and a couple of OPI's as well as Illamasqua Jo'mina. I think Models Own are my definite favourite's, I would go as far to say they're better than Nails Inc and OPI, I find them ones can sometimes be gloopy and they don't last long. I like Barry M for a cheap polish, they can be hit and miss with their consistency but mostly they're spot on. I think there's about 50 polishes here (a couple are missing) and I know its nothing compared to most, but this time last year I owned one nail polish!! That nail polish isn't in this picture as it was very gloopy and got chucked a long time ago.

So there we go, now you know why I've had so many nail posts - there's a lot to work through.

If you want to make an order with Models Own visit their website http://www.modelsownit.com/ and the 50% code is FACEBOOK50.

Beauty UK Peach Melba

Before I start this post I just want to say I'm sorry all of my posts are nail posts. I'm feeling a bit stuck in a rut with my make up at the moment, I have a couple of reviews to do but I'm just giving them a chance before I tell you about them. And with my hair now a funny colour I'm not doing any FOTD's until its fixed and until I adjust to blonde make up! So until then I do have a lot of nail polish posts coming up as I have been buying a lot of them. Today's is Beauty UK's Peach Melba..

Its a really pretty peach colour, it took 3 coats to get it opaque and it lasted pretty well, 4 days at least. Again, its £1.79 which is a complete bargain and I definately reccomend this one, I love it.

Monday, 23 August 2010

Blondes have more fun?

Well I'm not sure, I have been blonde in the past. Up until 4 years ago I had always been blonde, recently I started to miss it and decided to experiment a bit.

My hair was really dark and it had had a lot of red dye on it in the past. The past few months I've just been using a normal brown dye to try and tone down the red but once the brown faded the red tint was still there.

So this weekend I used a lightening kit and tried to get blonde hair. The first go on saturday was a disaster and my hair was so orange! The next day I went off to buy more lightener and a light ash blonde dye to counteract the orange and ran off to my mum's house in a woolly hat covering up all the hair. Mum's friend tried to fix it for me, the ends where all the colour build up is, are so stubborn and won't lighten enough but once I put the Ash blonde on it looks a lot better.

It's still not perfect so I'm not going to post pictures but I'd just like some advice from anyone who's done this on toners to take away the orangeness/yellowness? Aveda has been reccomended but I don't want to pay that much money. In a few weeks I will be going to the hairdresser and asking them to make it look more natural, in the mean time I'm using lots of conditioning treatments and laying off the straighteners to limit the damage to it after all the bleach. At the moment its still in good condition and feels healthy but I know if I went to a salon and told them what I'd done they'd worry about putting more peroxide on if my hair was in a bad way.

So reccomend me some affordable toners, and I need make up tips! When I was blonde before I only used to wear foundation, bronzer and mascara. I'm really struggling to make it look normal, as after all the years of being brunette I've gotten used to the way I do my make up. I've also had to slap some false tan on as the blonde is really washing me out...good job I go on holiday in 4 weeks!


Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Blog Sale...Estee Lauder, MAC, Benefit & more

Time for another blog sale.

Postage on all items will be £1.25, 50p extra for additional items.

I will accept payment by Paypal or a bank transfer.

None of the items have been sent to me for review purposes..

Estee Lauder Pure Colour  lipstick in Crystal Coral - this is such a good dupe for Jazzed from Mac! £8

Benefit One Hot Minute - Used a few times £10 including P&P

Urban Decay Foreshadow palette - barely used £5

OPI polishes Lemonade stand by your man, Past Present and Fuchsia and Pearls night out £4 each

 Sleek Nailed polish Turquoise £2

Sleek twist up eyeliner black £2

Eyeko Graffiti liner in Navy £2.50

Benefit It Stick used once never sharpened £2

Benefit Bad Gal liner, used a couple of times never sharpened £2

Barry M Lipgloss Bubblegum £2

Barry M Lipstick 146

Barry M Dazzle Dust 100 never used £2

Revlon Lipstick Baby Pink used twice £4

Saturday, 14 August 2010

Rimmel Matte Finish & Models Own Gun Grey

I've wanted a Matte coat for a while now as Matte nails really intrigue me. I didn't want to go to the effort of buying different colours of Matte polish I wanted to just be able to change my own polish. When I saw Rimmel had one I had to have it.

It was either £4.49 or £4.99 in Boots...I'm not too sure. But still not a bad price.

 I decided to experiment as soon as I got home and put it over Models Own Gun Grey. I don't have a picture of Gun Grey before hand, I'm sorry but there will definately be one at some point as I really like it.

The result was interesting...I wasn't sure at first but it definately grew on me over the course of the night.

In this one you can see the glitter...good old bathroom lights! But unless you're under good lights then its really not apparent with the Matte coat on.

I haven't yet tried it with my other polishes, I have Barry M Navy on today and am tempted but it will take away the lovely shinyness of it which is what makes the polish for me.

Have you tried Matte nails, what do you think?

Friday, 13 August 2010

Beauty UK Smoky Lilac

I picked this up a few weeks ago when I was having one of them days where I just didn't know what to buy. I bought 3 Beauty UK polishes and I've been pretty impressed.

This is 3 coats and it lasted pretty well, at least three days. It applied easily and dried quickly, the colour is really pretty too. For £1.79 each I think these are a good bargain!

Monday, 9 August 2010

Models Own 50% Facebook Sale!!

Models Own are trying to get to 10,000 likes on Facebook, they're currently halfway. If they get to 10,000 before August 31st then us lucky people will get 50% off their products on their own website! Fabulous.

So, what are you waiting for all it takes is a click on the Like button and you'll be on your way to half price nail polish and make up!! Clicky here

You could have lovely eyes, cheeks and nails just like me..

Friday, 6 August 2010

Happy 1st Birthday!

Oops I just realised I missed my blog's first birthday which was on Tuesday!

Thank you to everyone who follows me and comments on my posts, I know I'm not always great with updating and sometimes replying to comments its quite hard to blog, be a mum and a housewife! But I enjoy it and I really enjoy being part of a nice community!

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

July Favourites..

I missed out June as by the time I got round to doing it, it was very nearly August!!

This month's favourite's are..

Urban decay Book of Shadows VOL II - I have used this so much this past month, I've really been enjoying it again. And I've not only been sticking to the more neutral colours, I have been wearing the brighter colours. I'm sure the people on my Childminding course were a bit shocked to see me turn up with a heavy purple smokey eye!

Nars Orgasm - I know this features I lot in my Favourite's but I really do use it a lot. I have just hit pan on it this weekend, its a tiny little hole so you won't see it on the picture. I think I bought it last October, so I haven't even had it a year. At least its not limited edition.

MAC Studio Sculpt concealer - I bought this at the beginning of July after they didn't have the concealer I usually use - Select Coverup I think it was. And I really like it, I apply it with an Eco Tools concealer brush and then blend it with the No 7 contour and blending brush.

Models Own loose shadow in Mocha - this is more carried over from June. I wore this lots on my holiday and I really love it. It complimets by blue eyes and its just effortless to wear all over the lid with nothing else, and looks nice with smudgy black liner. See my review of this here

Illamasqua Jo'mina - I only recently wrote a review of this here. I've worn it lots this month and have lots of compliments!

Aussie Dual Personality Aussome Volume Mouse - I got this in my goody bag from the Aussome Volume party a couple of weeks ago and have used it most days. It gives my hair really nice volume and doesn't make it feel sticky.

Umberto Gianni Backcomb in a bottle - I've had a lot of nights out this month (which is very rare for me, I've had a years worth of nights out in one month!) and I've been using this to give me some more volume. I really like it and it does work! It can leave my hair feeling a bit sticky though.

That's it for this month! What were your July favourites?

Monday, 2 August 2010


I just want to apologise for the lack of posts from me at the moment.

Firstly we're potty training Alice which takes up a lot of time and energy. And the terrible two's have kicked in so by the time she's gone to bed at night I just want to sit down and relax.

And I know I posted something a few months back about having tests at the hospital and I got my results and now I'm on some medication which is taking some getting used to. Its draining all energy from me, so that coupled with potty training and tantrums just leaves me with no motivation to even think about blog posts.

Hopefully it won't last long and I won't be on the tablets for long either. But until then, bear with me. It could just be one post a week and it will possibly just be a nail post as its the only thing I can be bothered with at the moment x