Saturday, 14 August 2010

Rimmel Matte Finish & Models Own Gun Grey

I've wanted a Matte coat for a while now as Matte nails really intrigue me. I didn't want to go to the effort of buying different colours of Matte polish I wanted to just be able to change my own polish. When I saw Rimmel had one I had to have it.

It was either £4.49 or £4.99 in Boots...I'm not too sure. But still not a bad price.

 I decided to experiment as soon as I got home and put it over Models Own Gun Grey. I don't have a picture of Gun Grey before hand, I'm sorry but there will definately be one at some point as I really like it.

The result was interesting...I wasn't sure at first but it definately grew on me over the course of the night.

In this one you can see the glitter...good old bathroom lights! But unless you're under good lights then its really not apparent with the Matte coat on.

I haven't yet tried it with my other polishes, I have Barry M Navy on today and am tempted but it will take away the lovely shinyness of it which is what makes the polish for me.

Have you tried Matte nails, what do you think?


  1. I have never tried matte nails, but I would really like too, its something different! Lovely swatches too! xx

  2. The result on this isn't what I thought it'd be. I'd seen gorgeous NOTDs with the OPI matte polishes and they looked matte. The Rimmel topcoat just seems to dull the shinyness? I'll try it with other polishes though, it might just be the one I put it over. And the matte effect goes after a few days. My nails are shiny again :( xx

  3. I adore matte nails, I might try that rimmel one... definately not what i expected x

  4. I'm interested in trying this - I've heard there's a No 7 one, so I need to decide which to get x

  5. There's also one by Butter London

  6. Matte nails look gorgeous, I'm definitely going to be trying them out :).

  7. I always forget about my matte topcoat! I love it over this colour though.
    I find matte nails chip a lot quicker though.

  8. Kim- Yes I have definately noticed the shinyness coming back! Not good.

    I've heard No 7 and 17 are bringing one out, I wonder how they will compare.

    Thanks for the comments girls xx

  9. The matte nails look gorgeous! I'll definitely be trying this look!

    And I LOVE your blog! I'm following! :) I hope you can check mine out when you get a chance:


    xox Francesca