Friday, 25 February 2011

Small MAC Limited Edition Blog Sale....

I've decided to sell some of the MAC items I really don't use. It feels pointless them sitting around not being used. I know I've done blog posts recently on some of the items, I haven't changed my opinion on the product there are just others I use more!

So prices include P&P, if you want them just leave your email address below and I will email you with my Paypal address and if you could send the money as a gift that would be great. I am open to Reasonable offers!

1. MAC Ripe Peach. Has been used but not a lot, there is no dent or uneveness to the pan at all £17 inc P&P SOLD

2. MAC My Highland Honey blush. Again this has been used for really not much I think I got it in December and used it about 7 times. £15 inc P&P

3. MAC Chilled on Ice Paintpot. I got this on NYE so haven't had it long and its been used about 4-5 times. £12 inc P&P 

4. MAC Victorian Lipstick. You can see how much this has been used which isn't a lot. £12 inc P&P SOLD

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Repurchased products...

As a beauty blogger I come across so many new products and new brands that its rare I repurchase something as I like to try something else to see how it compares.

However sometimes there are a few exceptions and some products are ones that NEED to be in my collection and I use them every day.

So, the products I have to buy as soon as they run out are...

Collection 2000 Sheer Loose Powder - I love this for setting my foundation. I know its not a high end brand but I find it does a fantastic job and its only £3 or something.

Collection 2000 Perfect Finish foundation - I was using Lasting Perfection before I tried this but even the lightest shade is too dark for me in the winter months so I switched to this one as weirdly, the lightest shade in this is perfect. Because I'm a stay at home mum, I can't justify using expensive foundation everyday I tend to go through a bottle a month so if I used MAC it would be about £20 every month whereas with this its less than £5 and I love the finish it gives me. I do buy probably two bottles of expensive foundation a year for when I go out and they tend to last me.

Sleek Waterproof mascara - I've included this in lots of monthly favourites so I don't need to write more about how fantastic I think this mascara is!

Rimmel Sunshimmer Bronzer - This bronzer is something I've used since I was a teenager and I really like it. Why change it if its not broken? I do like the St Tropez bronzer but like foundation I can't justify it when I don't work.

Urban Decay 24/7 Zero liner - I've bought this a few times and now they're all tiny! Luckily I have the one in my Naked palette to tide me over. I have to say though, Avon Supershock liner may take over this being a favourite as I've been very impressed with that.

Sleek Storm palette - This is my second Storm palette, I think I bought the first one in around april/may 09. As you can see in the photo below, the dark brown is almost all gone as that's what I use to fill in my brows, and the lightest shade and the darker gold has completely gone. A few other colours have hit pan. I wish Sleek would release individual eyeshadows because those 3 colours are the ones I use a lot and it would be handy to be able to buy them rather than the palette. Maybe they should do a brow set? Does anybody use the darker shades in the storm palette? I've never used them as I just don't know what to use them for, plus as soon as I apply them they end up all over my face. Post in the comments if you do and any links for posts you may have done where you've used them.

Are there any items you always repurchase or do you like to keep trying different products?

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Bargain Alert...

This morning I was looking for storage for all my Makeup and Nail Polish and went into Home Bargains to see if I could see any. I didn't but I did find...

Girls Aloud Festival Lashes for 99p!! They had all but the Sarah lashes, none of the other lashes really took my fancy but thought I'd give these ago seeing as its my birthday in a couple of weeks I'll save them for then!

So if you need some cheap lashes check out your local store, I think sometimes they can be called Quality Save too.

Monday, 14 February 2011

Rimmel Beige Style...

I saw this polish on a friend of my Mum's in July and kept meaning to pick it up but didn't actually buy it until very recently.

I don't know what took me so long as its a gorgeous nude shade which is so easy to apply, dries quickly and with a good top coat lasts nearly 7 days which is amazing. Without the topcoat it lasts about 4-5 days which is still pretty good going considering its a drugstore product.

It depends on how tanned my skin is as to how this shows up, in daylight with no tan on its a very pinky nude. However if I have a tan you can barely see the polish, which personally I quite like as sometimes I don't want a colour on my nails but I want to cover up my nail bed as they're quite yellow from permanently wearing polish.

I think I'll be having a look at the other shades in the Professional Finish range as this has impressed me in terms of application and staying power.

Friday, 11 February 2011

Recent MAC Purchases...

Buying new goodies from MAC is always a novelty for me as though I seem to manage to get something from most collections, I can't buy as much as I want so its mostly saved for times when I have a bit more money like Christmas or my birthday.

This year for Christmas I asked my brother for the Tartan Tale Cool Thrillseekers pigments which I got (I did have to go and buy it myself and then give it him to wrap!) and then  after Christmas I had a little bit of money to spend which I allocated to new clothes but couldn't resist picking up one of the paintpots from the Cham-Pale collection.

Chilled On Ice Paintpot is a lovely champagne colour with shimmer in, I do like using this with gold coloured eyeshadows or on its own all over the lid.

Cool Thrillseekers pigment set includes Reflects Pearl which is a glitter, Silver Fog, Softwash grey which is sometimes quite purple depending on the light, Cheers my Dear, and Mauvement. I have had a sample of Softwash Grey before but sold it, however I don't remember it being the same colour as the one in this set, I also have a sample of Mauvement but its a really lovely shade that I use lots anyway.

Pigments can be a bit of a nightmare to use but I love the colours in this set and use it whenever I don't want a neutral eye.

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Urban Decay Naked Palette...

I know I'm way behind on this one and you'll have already seen a million posts on this palette, but it is brilliant and I feel it deserves another post.

I got my Naked palette from my parents for Christmas and as soon as I got it I sat down, took off my make up and started playing with the colours. All of them are fantastic, great quality, good colour pay off and very easy to blend.

Its impossible for me to pick a favourite, so I picked three - Sin, Sidecar and Hustle.

The only shades I haven't used are the matte shades Naked and Buck, I love shimmery eyeshadows and have never worn matte eyeshadow.

With this palette you can create everyday looks or nice smokey eyes for a night time.

My favourite look which I do most days is...
Virgin all over the eye
Sin over the lid
Toasted in the crease
Hustle in the outer corner
Whiskey eyeliner to line the upper and lower lashline.

Its a really pretty combination that brings out the blue of my eyes  fantastically.

I was worried I would run out of the shades I love most quite quickly but I've just noticed in this palette you get 1.3g of each eyeshadow compared to 0.80g in the BOSII. All of my other eyeshadows have been very neglected since I got this and suddenly my collection seems redundant as I love the versatility of Naked.

One thing I was really disappointed with,was that the mini Primer Potion was completely empty and had never had any product in. But seeing as I had only just bought a full size Primer Potion I couldn't be bothered to take it back.

Do you have the Naked Palette? Which are your favourite shades?

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Barry M Racing Green..

So I've not posted for nearly a month! I'm really sorry it's took longer than I expected to be able to get back to normal after losing Nana, it doesn't help that my daughter started nursery and seemed to get every illness under the sun for the past 4 weeks passing them all onto me and now I have an ear infection! I hope this is the start of regular posting again from me, I'm also going to be posting a couple of videos on here reviewing a new product once I'm better.

This is Barry M Racing Green nail polish, its a gorgeous shimmery deep green colour and one I reach for a lot when trying to decide which colour to wear.

 This is a good Barry M polish, some are a nightmare to apply and just never seem to dry but this applies beautifully and dries pretty quickly. It lasted about 3 days which is average for my nails.

I've seen a couple of blogs say its a pretty good dupe for Illamasqua Viridian which came out with the Art of Darkness collection. Barry M nail polishes sell for £2.99 in Boots and Superdrug and on the Barry M Website