Thursday, 31 December 2009

Lush & Superdrug Haul

So many Bloggers are posting about Lush at the moment and I wanted to know what all the fuss was about. I have only been in Lush once but the smell was too much so I walked out. I was also under the impression that it was very expensive. At the moment if you spend £20 in Lush you get to pick a free Christmas gift set.

I got 2 bottles of Snow Fairy shower gel (one for my sister), 1 Baby Angel, Butterball, Creamy Candy, Star Bath Melt, Mr Butterball, Sex Bomb and Melting Marshmellow. And then I picked the Snow Fairy gift set, I didn't want a christmassy set with snow men and stuff so I went for this and I'm glad I did because I love the little glitterbug in there and I really love the smell of the shower gel I can't wait to use it in a bit. I also got a sample of the Big shampoo as I really want to try it out.

And I went to Superdrug, the 3 for 2 offer has been extended for a few more days so I got the Barry M lip gloss number 5 (the one that smells of bubblegum!), I needed a new bronzer as I think Alice has had my Prestige one and I can't find it anywhere! So I got the Rimmel Shimmering Maxi Bronzer and then I couldn't decide what else to get so thought I would give the Sleek Volume & Curl mascara a go and then I got a hair dye as I want to get rid of the red in my hair, I'm struggling with my make up and clothes with it so I bought spiced chocolate by Loreal Excell 10. Well I got to the till and the bronzer wasn't on 3 for 2 as it was classed as a tanning product! But it was on the Rimmel stand, I wasn't happy but Col was having a strop at how long Iwas taking and Alice was taking all the sweets off the stands at the tills so I just accepted it and left but I don't think that is right.

It was Alice's birthday yesterday she was 2 and she was given lots of money and vouchers so we went to buy her some new clothes today. We also got her these shoes, I know they have nothing to do with my blog but us girls are like magpie and these shoes from Sketchers are so sparkly and pretty I had to show you

And thats it, my last shop and haul of 2009! Thank you to all my followers for reading my blog and following me I really appreciate it. I hope you all have a fantastic night what ever you're doing and I'll see you in 2010.

Monday, 28 December 2009

Merry Christmas!

I hope everybody had a lovely christmas, ate lots, drank lots and got lots of lovely presents!! We've had a busy christmas, I don't feel like I've had a break! Tired is not the word, and Alice turns 2 on wednesday so it doesn't stop. But it was vey lovely, Alice was very excited when she saw all her presents on christmas morning, then we had breakfast and my husband's family came round with more presents. We got the Dolce Gusto coffee machine from his dad and step mum, 6 bottles of wine, chocolates and some money. Alice got spoilt!! Then we headed off to my parents for dinner, where again Alice had lots more presents she's so spoilt. She got a Disney Princess kitchen aswell as some more bits, we had dinner and a few drinks and then me and my sister sat down to play with our new make up!! I got the Urban Decay Book of Shadows, a few Sleek things and a couple of GOSH things from my family and a new handbag! My husband bought me new boots and paid for my haircut. We got home yesterday and I couldn't believe how much stuff Alice actually got, I think I need to extend my house!!

So here are some pictures, I also bought the Kirkland brushes from Costco today and I love them! I will do a review in a couple of weeks when I have used them more.

I'm so excited I got the BOS Vol II I love all of the colours in it and its amazing! I'm hoping to be able to do a FOTD or 2 before NYE but if I don't I hope you all have great nights and Happy New Year!! xxx

Saturday, 19 December 2009

Christmassy NOTD

Barry M Red Glitter. This is a really pretty polish for the Christmas season and for all those parties! However, its is an absolute nightmare to remove!! The method I chose was to sit infront of the X Factor final on sunday and pick as much off as I could, then I poured nail varnish remover into the lid of the bottle and soaked each finger in there for 5 minutes and then peeled it off, at the end I went over them all with a pad. It took me the whole 2 hours the show was on! There has been discussions on Twitter this week over the best way to remove it, Helen at says to soak a cotton pad so its really wet and hold it on each nail for 5-10 minutes. Either way, its really time consumming but worth it for pretty party nails!

Friday, 18 December 2009

FOTD & Snow!!

Hi everybody!

Sorry for the lack of posts, once again I have been ill :( Seriously I think I have spent 80% of this year poorly with colds and whatnot. I am feeling lots better now though (although I do have a husband with "man flu").

Here is today's FOTD

Revlon Colorstay
17 Shine-Free powder
Max Factor bronzer
Sleek 'Coral' blush

Using my Glamour to go pallette I used the light shimmery shade all over my lid, and then the bronze/brown colour all over my lid. Sometimes, just 1 colour makes me happy.
MAC ebony pencil
Rimmel The Max mascara

Blistex instensive moisture :) My lips are so dry its awful. But after a while after the creaminess of the Blistex has gone it makes my lips look nice and full and nice pink colour!

And we have snow!! I'm so excited I love snow, I took Alice for a walk yesterday and she kept saying "Sky,snow" she's so cute! Today I took her out to play and she was amazed! She won't touch it though

Another thing I like about the snow is getting wrapped up! I really like hats, this is my favourite I bought it for £5 from H&M

Do you have snow where you are?

Monday, 7 December 2009

Another Haul!

This is definately my last before christmas now!!

I just went to Boots, at the moment I can't justify the money for MAC. I've heard good things about the 17 shine control powder so thought I'd give it a go. I got more Colorstay, I absolutley love this foundation but I just wish it came with a pump as I'm wasting it! Then I got the Red Glitter polish from Barry M aswell as the lip gloss in Toffee and got a free limited edition lip gloss, its really pretty and looks gorgeous over the toffee gloss. In other news I have a lovely triangle of spots between my eyebrows!! One next to each eyebrow and one above them. Lovely.

Saturday, 5 December 2009


Barry M baby pink. I love this polish, but I haven't enjoyed wearing it until now. I haven't been using a top coat and this polish really needs it as it needs a few coats and you end up with it being really soft. So I bought the Barry M 3 in 1 basecoat, topcoat and hardener and its fantastic! It means I can wear this and Flamingo pink which I also find to be a very soft polish. Last weekend me and Alice made some christmas decorations, I got them all out the other night as she made my parents some so there is currently glitter all over my house. I have some silver glitter stuck to my nail now and I think it looks really pretty with the polish. I don't want to paint over a silver glitter as I think it would look a bit childish but does anyone know of a colour the same as this that has some glitter/shimmer to it?

New hair!

So I finally had my hair cut. I hadn't had it done since May 08 when I had it doen for Alice's christening. I wanted to grow my hair and I just couldn't justify the cost of having it done when there's so much make-up to buy! But Col offered to pay for it for me. I was planning on just going for a long bob but just before I went I found a picture of something I loved so printed it off and took it with me. I've used the same hairdresser for years, she's the only person I trust and she always listens to me. But I feel so stupid when I take a picture in as I always do it...I'm just really rubbish at describing things.

So this is my hair before the chop (this is the FOTD I tried to do for you all the other day, you can see why I didn't post it)

And after..

I really love it! I was getting so fed up with my long hair as it was just so boring, I even stopped straightening it so I could mix it up a bit! Those who read my sisters blog might be thinking its the same, yeah it is that wasn't intentional as it was supposed to be a bit longer at the front but the hairdresser got a bitscissor happy at the end! And I did the colour myself! I ended up using Loreal casting creme gloss in mahogany again as I couldn't get plum power.

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Collective Haul

Sorry for the lack of posts, last week I had swine flu and just didn't have the energy to do anything! I didn't wear any make up or straighten my hair until thursday!

I have still managed to buy things though and here is what I have bought over the past couple of weeks

GOSH grey beige eyeshadow

Barry M Dazzle Dusts in Old Gold and Mushroom

Sleek blushers in Coral and Pixie Pink

Prestige bronzer

Too Faced Glamour to Go kit

and Rimmel The Max mascara ( the only mascara apart from diorshow that I have bought twice!)

The Old Gold DD was a mistake I thought I had bought Mushroom but when I got home and opened it, realised I'd picked up the wrong one. I love the GOSH shadow its so gorgeous and very christmassy.

Swatches of GOSH, Old Gold and Mushroom.

I also really like the Sleek blushes, the coral is my favourite. I've barely used the pink one as I don't think the oclour suits me but I will have another go, I did do a FOTD today but I still look ill on it so I won't post it but I will do it again when I'm feeling 100% and the mother of all spots on my forehead has gone!

Hope everyone is well, I can't believe its December!! It will nearly be christmas I'm so excited.