Monday, 28 December 2009

Merry Christmas!

I hope everybody had a lovely christmas, ate lots, drank lots and got lots of lovely presents!! We've had a busy christmas, I don't feel like I've had a break! Tired is not the word, and Alice turns 2 on wednesday so it doesn't stop. But it was vey lovely, Alice was very excited when she saw all her presents on christmas morning, then we had breakfast and my husband's family came round with more presents. We got the Dolce Gusto coffee machine from his dad and step mum, 6 bottles of wine, chocolates and some money. Alice got spoilt!! Then we headed off to my parents for dinner, where again Alice had lots more presents she's so spoilt. She got a Disney Princess kitchen aswell as some more bits, we had dinner and a few drinks and then me and my sister sat down to play with our new make up!! I got the Urban Decay Book of Shadows, a few Sleek things and a couple of GOSH things from my family and a new handbag! My husband bought me new boots and paid for my haircut. We got home yesterday and I couldn't believe how much stuff Alice actually got, I think I need to extend my house!!

So here are some pictures, I also bought the Kirkland brushes from Costco today and I love them! I will do a review in a couple of weeks when I have used them more.

I'm so excited I got the BOS Vol II I love all of the colours in it and its amazing! I'm hoping to be able to do a FOTD or 2 before NYE but if I don't I hope you all have great nights and Happy New Year!! xxx


  1. how cute is she!!! She did WELL this Christmas! Loving your make-up and that handbag is so fabulous :)

  2. Aww she's so cute! Looks like you both got some lovely presents! xo