Saturday, 5 December 2009

New hair!

So I finally had my hair cut. I hadn't had it done since May 08 when I had it doen for Alice's christening. I wanted to grow my hair and I just couldn't justify the cost of having it done when there's so much make-up to buy! But Col offered to pay for it for me. I was planning on just going for a long bob but just before I went I found a picture of something I loved so printed it off and took it with me. I've used the same hairdresser for years, she's the only person I trust and she always listens to me. But I feel so stupid when I take a picture in as I always do it...I'm just really rubbish at describing things.

So this is my hair before the chop (this is the FOTD I tried to do for you all the other day, you can see why I didn't post it)

And after..

I really love it! I was getting so fed up with my long hair as it was just so boring, I even stopped straightening it so I could mix it up a bit! Those who read my sisters blog might be thinking its the same, yeah it is that wasn't intentional as it was supposed to be a bit longer at the front but the hairdresser got a bitscissor happy at the end! And I did the colour myself! I ended up using Loreal casting creme gloss in mahogany again as I couldn't get plum power.


  1. Absolutely gorgeous! :) I LOVE the colour you have used!

    Yay for new hair!


  2. love the new hair its gorgeous!! colour really suits you too

    x <3 x

  3. Love the the hair darling, it looks gorgeous!

    The colour is also amazing! :)