Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Nail Haul...

I have been wanting Orly Rage polish since I saw it on Fleur in one of her videos so I went to http://stores.ebay.co.uk/enchantedbeautyspot after seeing loads of posts from people buying polishes cheaply. I thought it was a bit pointless only ordering one so I ordered another 3! I ordered 12 days ago, it cost me around £18 including P&P for all 4 of them and there was no customs charge.

l-r Orly Cotton Candy, Orly Rage, China Glaze Spontaneous and Nubar Amazon Coral

I also ordered a sample bloggers pack from Vivalanails. I did get the last one but haven't got round to using it. This one is nail wraps, I have used nail wraps before and wasn't keen but we'll see how these ones turn out (if I can figure how to get them on!). The "Burberry" wrap is rather questionable.

Monday, 16 May 2011

17 'Coral Pop'....

I went to Boots a couple of weeks ago intending to buy Barry M Peach Melba, however they didn't have it (and neither did the 2 boots in Manchester city centre! Do Boots just not sell it?) so in the mood for a new polish I wandered around and the new Supreme Shine polishes from 17 cosmetics caught my eye. I picked up Coral Pop, a beautiful bright pinky coral shade.

It was easy to apply, opaque in two coats and dried pretty quickly. However, these are supposed to be 10 day wear polishes. Say hello to my chipped index finger after 2 days...

I really don't have much luck with 17 polishes, they always chip quickly on me. But this is a gorgeous shade, you can't see the true shade in these pictures but its very wet and dull outside so the light out there won't pick it up either.

This was £3.59 I think from Boots.

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Lost Treasure....

Do you ever tidy up and put away a random makeup bag away and for months wonder where you put it?

I did this, only it has been gone for about 3-4 years. It wasn't lost - it was in a cupboard I very rarely go in, it was even at the front of the cupboard!

Inside was a 2 ended pencil sharpener (which I needed so I was very happy!), a Body Shop Highlighter that looked like a Nars Multiple and also seemed to be unused, and a Liz Collinge eyeshadow. I'm not even sure if you can still buy Liz Collinge makeup but I was so pleased when I opened it and saw the shade...

Its a gorgeous bronzey/taupey colour, my favourite type of eyeshadow! Its so soft and pigmented, applies and blends like a dream.

I've been using it a lot since I discovered it, I can guarantee when I first got this eyeshadow I will have dismissed it and said "I'm not wearing brown eyeshadow" but now I love it! Here's today's makeup with the eyeshadow...

Collection 2000 Lasting Finish & MAC Studio Fix foundation
Witch concealer
MUA Powder
Xen Tan bronzer to contour
Beautyuk baked blush in shade Royal Rose (I think?)
Urban Decay Sin highlighter
Liz Collinge eyeshadow in Truffle
Loreal gel eyeliner
Estee Lauder Sumptious mascara
Benefit lipgloss 'Who are you wearing?'

Monday, 9 May 2011

Aussie Lusciously Light Challenge...

Not long back Aussie set us Angels a challenge. We could chose to do the Lusciously Light Self challenge or Lusciously Lighter Style. I chose Style as I'm not feeling upto changing too much of my lifestyle or diet at the moment!

I'm glad I chose Style as its been quite fun to take part in. The lovely people at Aussie have sent me 2 different style Wigs to try and then I will be going to a salon and getting a new style.

The first wig was a sleek black bob with a fringe - it reminded me very much of my mum's hair (which isn't a bad thing!)

Hmmm...I'm not keen. Its too dark for me and I don't like the fringe.

Prepare yourself for this one...

I think I should win a prize just for posting a picture of myself in this wig for all of the Internet to see!!

Its safe to say I will not be having my hair cut like this.

So the wigs have helped me know what I DON'T want! But what do I want in my Lusciously Lighter Style?

Well here is my hair now...

Its not been cut since September (oops!) I dyed it not long back and it went a big darker than I'd like and it hasn't faded as quickly as I wanted it to.

I do want to start to go lighter (again I know, I will not be doing a home bleach job this time!) I'm thinking about caramel highlights. But I don't know what to do with the length. As I said on my last post it's gone very thin. I don't really have much time to do much other than dry and straighten it.

What do you, my lovely followers, think I should do? You have until Friday to let me know...

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Hair loss..

Have any of you ever suffered from hair loss?

For the past couple of months I've noticed after brushing my hair, drying it, straightening it I will get up and my bed is covered in my hair. Not just a little bit, quite a lot.

And then a couple of weeks ago I noticed it has gone very thin on my scalp and you can actually see my scalp a lot more than you used to, I've always had quite thick hair and I can tell how thin it is now. I don't over dye my hair, I don't use loads of heat on it and I haven't bleached my hair for about 7 months now.

I'm nearly 100% certain its down to stress. As you know I lost my nana at Christmas, which has knocked me and I still really struggle with that. Then we lost my husbands Gran very recently, which whilst she wasn't my gran its not nice to go through us both losing our grandparents so close together. I've been taking driving lessons, I had my test (the same day as my Husband's Gran's funeral! Not a good idea) and failed, but before it I was very worked up about it. But mostly its the fertility problems we've had that have caused me most stress, its been over 2 years since I had my ectopic pregnancy and I still can't get pregnant. In February we were told to start saving for IVF. Now IVF costs a lot of money (around £8000, you can do egg share to make it cheaper - around £1000 - but I'm not sure how I feel about donating my eggs), because we already have Alice we get no help, and my infertility is unexplained as there are no problems (only having one tube doesn't hinder fertility that much apparently). Anyway so I have spent the last few months completely stressed out about this which I know doesn't help but it's hard not to. It feels better writing it down and sharing with other people, especially because this will explain why my blogposts are so thin on the ground, I just have no motivation to blog with all of this going on.

If you've suffered from hair loss/hair thinning did you find anything helped it to stop falling out or to grow back? I'm very paranoid about it now its getting to summer and I like wearing some of my hair clipped back and when I do that you can clearly see my scalp.