Thursday, 27 August 2009

My make up collection

So I decided to take pictures of it all to try and convince me that a month off buying any isn't such a bad thing. Well its convinced me to try not to buy anymore eyeshadows for a bit. I do need more lipsticks and some more nail varnishes as at the moment I don't wear much nail varnish but I would like to make more effort. When my month is up (on the 3rd october) I will probably hit Barry M for some nail varnish and some lipsticks I have my eye on, which I tried in boots on my hand on monday. I got home and tried to rub off and it wouldn't, I washed my hand and it was still there, and I had a bath and it was still there. So they have good staying power.

Anyway, my make up..

So here are my eye products. To the right in the little pots with white lids are my MAC pigment samples, then there's the body shop 4 brick eyeshadows, 2 ruby and millie shadows, some eyeliners, eyebrow pencils, mascara, a random no7 eyeshadow thing I bought last year when I was getting married...I really don't like it but who knows if it will ever come in useful, fluid line, 2 mac shadows Dazzlelight and All that Glitters, then my 4 Sleek pallette's, 2xUrban Decay Baked pallette's, a number 7 pallette I got for xmas which I quite like, some 17 and collection 200 trio's, Foreshadow pallette. Yeah, far too many eyeshadows.

This is my face section, I don't have a lot of face stuff as I stick to what I know when it comes to foundation, bronzer and concealer. My blushers are pretty much all the same colours. So at the front are my blushes, Urban Decay Quickie, Bobbi Brown Desert Rose, Body Shope tea rose, Ruby and Millie (I don't know the name something to do with orange), and the long one is a body shop one which I got in the sale for £3 its the one I'm wearing in my jessica simpson look. I do love this blush its a peachy pink and I forget I have it. Then the MAC studio select concealer, smashbox photofinish concealer, Benetint. The rest you can see. Then I have this dior product...its like a highlighter, I think its called Diorglitz I can't remember, it did come with a cute little brush but I can't find it. And I only remembered I had it recently

My lip products..

Like I said I do need more lip products, I have some cheap lipglosses in there, my benefit, dazzleglass, a FCUK gloss, juicy tube, about that is a Jessica Simpson gloss, Benefit California dreaming, and the 2true lip protect. And another cheapy lot of lipsticks, then my Dior Lipglow which I really really love!! I have told so many people to go out and buy it and they all love it too. And another random Dior product I'd forgotten about, its 2 lipglosses with a brush and its like a dog tag. Edit - I've just realised I have 2 more products to add to this. Russian Red and the lipgloss I ordered from Supercover - my order came today, I've not had chance to try it really yet but will review soon. So far I'm impressed with the speed of delivery considering I ordered tuesday night and it came today.

And now my brushes,

I'm mixed with brushes, I like spending my money on good eye brushes so I have the MAC brushes (I definately need more but what I have I really love), and some Ruby and Millie which I buy when I get the £5 number 7/rubby and millie voucher. The other face brushes are all cheap ones from boots or superdrug. Apart from the clear one which is a Clinique blush brush which I really love. So brushes is another thing I need to invest more in. Maybe I should stop buying eyeshadow now and start spending more money on brushes, lipsticks and some nail varnish. I have already decided I am going to try out some of the Sigma brushes.

What I'm using right now:

This has been doing the rounds on the blogs..

Shampoo & Conditioner: Sunsilk its the one for coloured hair in a red bottle. It was on offer in Asda, sadly this is how I choose my shampoo and conditioner. Its really nice though and my hair is very soft today.

Shower Gel: The Sanctuary shower gel

Styling products: Just my GHDs

Body moisturiser: When I can be bothered, Sanctuary body butter

Deodorant: Dove. I always use Dove

Fake Tan: None, I'm kind of going with the pale and interesting look - just because I'm lazy.

Skincare: None..bad girl.

Primer: Mac Prep + Prime

Foundation: Dior Forever

Foundation brush: Boots own.

Concealer: Smashbox photo finish
Powder: Mac MSF natural in medium plus
Blusher: Today its a bodyshop one.
Bronzer: Max Factor
Highlighter: None at the moment
Eyeshadow base:None
Eyeshadows: I'm still really loving my Sleek Storm pallette, last week I did 1 day of my storm palette the next day I wore Dazzlelight and All That Glitters, but it creased and faded.
Eyeliner: Today - Urban Decay 24/7 in Bourbon, usually a MAC black kohl
Curler: none
Mascara: Diorshow and Bad Gal lash
Lipstick: GOSH Darling
Lipgloss: I've not really been using it lately
Nail Colour: Oddly, I have red nails today! I found the bottle in my draw last night its a Rimmel one that says it lasts 10 days I'm not really sure what I think of it. And I have purple on my toes still..odd combination.

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Russian Red

Last week I bought MAC Russian Red Lipstick, and it came today. I saw a picture of it on Lolipop26 blog on her lips and it scared me. So when it came I was eager to try it, it was a shock when I first applied it but I did get used to it.

Excuse the serious look, mad hair and I won't wear it with these eyes I just applied it after I did the Jessica Simpson look.

Jessica Simpson

So I decided to try this Jessica Simpson look for my first Celeb inspired look..

It is really just a smokey eye and nude lip but I wanted to start off easy. I wanted to try and do a celebrity with blue eyes but none really stood out to me, I'll spend longer looking next time. Anyway so I tried..I like the look but I obviously look nothing like her! Also it doesn't look as smoky in the pictures as it does in real life.

Face -
Dior Forever foundation
MAC MSF Medium plus
Max Factor bronzer
Bodyshop blusher...I can't remember what its called.
Dior highlight powder
Eyes -
Sleek curious pallette using the silver/grey and the charcoal.
MAC Black kohl
Diorshow Blackout
Gosh Darling
Collection 2000 lipgloss.
I did enjoy doing it so I'll try some more soon.

Tuesday, 25 August 2009


So I think we all knew I would cave. I got a bit of extra money last week so I went shopping on saturday, I didn't get much and what I got was actually cheap so...

I got these sunglasses from Accessorize in the sale for £4.20 down from £14 which is a bargain and I love them.

Then at the till I spotted this keyring, which I have been after for ages since my sister got one. I don't actually like keyrings but I obviously had to have this because of Sex and the City...

Then I bought Alice some clothes, I got her this top (amongst other bits) that I'd thought I'd show you all because I think its cute..

And I went for a visit to Superdrug. I have become addicted to GOSH Darling so I decided to try some other lipsticks, but not knowing what colours would be best for me I just decided to try out some cheap ones. So I looked at NYC and got Mauve Gold, then I went over to the 2true stand because I'd heard about the cheek tint and saw it was 3 items for £5 so I picked up one of their lipsticks which doesn'd have a name but its number 1 and there wasn't anything else I wanted so I got the Protect and Seal for lips.



The bronze colour is the NYC lipstick, the other is the 2true one. Then the blob of pink is the cheek tint before you rub it in, which looks scary! But above that is when its been rubbed in and it doesn't really look that bad, obviously I haven't done it very well because its on my hand but I do prefer it to Benetint.

I do like the lipsticks, the only problem I have with the 2true one is that its glittery so it feels odd when you apply it, maybe it will be better with a brush. Anyway I have the lipstick bug now and have 3 MAC ones that I want - Ruby Woo, Blankety and Plink.

Tonight I ordered some bits from Somebody reccomended it on Make Up Advice Forum, so I ordered 2 foundation samples for £1 each (apparently they are very generous and go a long way), then I got a sample of the finishing powder in colourless and a sample of primer. Then I went into the Discontinues section and got 2 eyeliners, a lipgloss and a Glistening powder. For all that including postage I only spent £13! Lets hope its good. I'll give yo ua review when I have it.

And lastly, I got a new phone today! I'm so excited its an LG Cookie, I did only get one in Feb because I was in hospital and my phone had broken so Col couldn't speak to me so he went out and bought me a Sony Ericcson T303..if you have had one you will know how rubbish they are. Anyway this was £10 a month on Virgin for 100 mins and 100 texts which is great for me as I don't actually use my mobile that much. So far I love it!

Monday, 24 August 2009

Name Change..


I know I haven't blogged for a while..I have some stuff to post which hopefully I will get round to tommorow. For now, I have changed the name of the blog as at weekend I discovered that there is a Youtuber called Allthatglitters21 with a blog called All that glitters, so I didn't want it to look like I was copying her as I've only just heard of her!


Tuesday, 18 August 2009


So today I had my last (ish I have to go back out on friday for some clothes for Alice) shopping trip for a month - Booooo!

I only ended up buying 2 simple tops and I finally got GOSH Darling!! Excited, I will do pictures tommorow and I'm knackered today. But I can't make up my mind if it looks like I have concealor on my lips, I might try it with some gloss over. I also bought MAC Russian Red lipstick from someone on this forum, I love this forum there's loads of make up artists on there who have so much advice and are always lovely and welcoming. A lot of them also sell their make up on there which is fab!! I have had a bit of stuff from there now and I'm impressed. I also bought a new Dior Forever foundation from a girl on there last week and that came today!

So lots of new things. One of my friends has asked me to try a celebrity inspired look, I will do it I'm just trying to pick a celeb.


Monday, 17 August 2009

A work in progress

I have been practising winged eyeliner. I have always been rubbish at it and have never done it well enough for me to wear it. So today, Alice went for a nap and I got the Fluidline out and my angled brush. And here is the result

Obvisouly I look a bit drunk on the first one. Its not perfect, but I'm getting there and I really like the look of just eyeliner (well I put a bit of dazzlelight over the lid) it took me a few goes and I have to do the eyeliner before my foundation because of how many times I have to clean it off and start again.

Friday, 14 August 2009

New shoes!

I'm so excited I just won a voucher for

They are on twitter as rubber_sole and my friend won some shoes last week with them so I followed them and today they did a competetion for people to post shoe jokes! So my joke was "Why does a blonde have TGIF on her shoes? A Toe goes In First" and I won! Woohoo I never win anything.

Anyway I will let you know what I order, it says they will have Uggs in from October but I'm far too impatient to wait and I would have to put a lot of money towards them. I quite like the Sketchers shoes.


New hair colour

Well I can't get my hair done Cheryl's colour until the middle of next month I think so last night I just did something to tide me over until then. I used the Loreal Creme Casting Gloss in Mahogany

So this is what it looked like yesterday afternoon, in dire need of a colour because its not been done since the beginning of june.

And this is it today! (I really need to learn how to take better pictures of myself)

I think it has warmed me up a bit, but that could just be because the first few days after I dye my hair I have to wear more make up to get used to it. Anyway I really love it, and definately reccomend the hair dye as my hair is so soft today and very glossy!

I just need a cut now, but I was wondering if I should get a proper fringe? My side fringe annoys me so much that most of the time I clip it back. I have had a fringe before...but I was at school and I used to curl it under (cringe) I will try and dig that picture out for you all. Anyway fringe or no fringe?

Thursday, 13 August 2009

I really like..

Cheryl Cole's new hair colour!
So now I'm thinking of going for a colour change, what do you think?

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

FOTD (Face of the Day)

So I've sort of made a pact not to buy any make up for a while and buy some new clothes and then I have to save up for Col's anniversary present! So its likely to be end of september when I actually buy anything new :( Booo I will just have to try and do lots of FOTD's until then. So todays (why I look so gormless on pictures I don't know! )

Face -
Rimmel Lasting Finish
MAC MSF in Medium plus
Urban Decay blusher Quickie.
Eyes -
Using the Sleek Curious pallette
the white pearlescent e/s and the very light blue on the outer edge and the brighter blue on the bottom lash line.
Benefit Bad Gal Lash and Diorshow Blackout Mascara
Barry M white liner on the water line but because of the blue on the lashline it ended up mixing!

I will explain the mascara - I love Bad Gal lash but it is just too thin and doesn't thicken my lashes, but it does make them so long. So I decided to try Diorshow Blackout over it and it makes it so much better. Obviously using 2 mascara's isn't ideal but I am waiting for the dior to run out and then I am going to try EXCEPTIONNEL DE CHANEL VOLUMNISING MASCARA.

And here is Saturdays FOTN (face of the night haha) we just had col's family round for a BBQ but I like to make an effort!

Face - Diorskin Forever in 010 Ivory

MAC MSF medium plus

Max Factor bronzer

Urban Decay blusher quickie


MAC Pigment in Platinum on inner corner.

MAC Pigment Blue Storm outer edge.

MAC Kohl in Ebony

Bad Gal Lash and Diorshow Blackout


Benefit Her Glossiness "Who are you wearing"

Friday, 7 August 2009

Curious Review

I finally got it! I made Col take me all the way upto the Trafford Centre yesterday morning and they had none, so I phoned the one up at Manchester Fort and they had loads.

So here it is

The colours are gorgeous and are inspired by looks seen in the Autumn/Winter looks by Vivienne Westwood, Ossie Clark and Issa. The purples are stunning and will make some gorgeous winter looks. I like the coolness of the blues and silver, and the pearlescent white colour makes a gorgeous base and highlighter.

The yellow doesn't really grab me and isn't as pigmented as the others I had to swipe it a few times for it to show on my hand. And as usual there is the charcoal.

So I created a few looks with it last night , as usual with some of the colours there was fall out. I found the plum/deep purple colour the worst for that so its probably worth doing your eyes before your base with this. But its a small price to pay for what is a great product at such a low price! You'll have to forgive me for only giving you eye pictures, my skin was still bad last night but thankfully today it has calmed down.

This look was created with the Blue on the top row and the charcoal colour with the white as a base and highlight, I really loved this look and can see it working to brighten up a nice autumn outfit.

This one looks very brown but I actually used the Plum colour on the top row with the mauve on the bottom row, and again the white as a base and highlight.

This was created with the lilac and plum on the top row. I don't think this colours suit me and made me look like I had a black eye but I think they would look gorgeous on someone with more olive skin and green eyes.

This was created with the green which is 3rd from the left on the bottom and the very goldy green on the top row, I have no idea what you could describe it as but it is lovely. So I hope that you're happy that I experimented with more colour and these are looks that I would definately use again. Sleek have done it again and created a gorgeous pallette that will have me reaching for that rather than my MAC shadows.

My camera shows everything up and now I'm off to do my eyebrows!


Wednesday, 5 August 2009


The new Sleek palette "Curious" is out today. I really wanted to go and get it but I've left my pram in the car which has gone to work with my husband, boooo!

This is the palette

I NEED it!!!!! I just hope they are still in stock tommorow because I will remember to take the pram out tonight.

Also, the stockist of the Acid pallette has sold out but apparently will have more next week...I hope so!! These are the 2 things I really really want at the moment, and maybe GOSH Darling lipstick which I had to put down last week in superdrug because the queue was huge and my husband was pulling his usual!

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Rainy day...

The weather is horrible today (when isn't it?) and a friend convinced me to play with the Sleek Jewels pallette. I wasn't very adventurous but maybe I'll try the other colours another day. Here is what I did

I had to crop the photos just down to the eye because I woke up this morning with a huge breakout and very shiny skin. I'm just not in the mood today to try and cover it up...I would've cropped my eyebrows is possible aswell because they need plucking but I tried this morning and it hurt too much.

Monday, 3 August 2009

Product Review: Sleek Divine Eyeshadow Palettes

I saw these on one of Pixiwoo's videos, and because I do like a bargain and she said they were good I thought I'd try one and see. They are £4.87 in Superdrug - they're not on the website or in every store I got mine from the Trafford Centre and Manchester city centre. You get 12 colours, that come in a black compact with a mirror on one side and it comes with a sponge applicator (which I never use). This is the packaging that they come in

There are a lot of them now, Storm, Jewel, Original, Chaos, Acid, Safari and the new one Curious is out 5th August. I only managed to get Original, Jewel and Storm but I am picking up an Acid one this weekend and hopefully I'll be able to get Curious sometime this week.

This is the storm palette and colour swatches

This is the Original pallette and swatches

And this is the Jewels pallette and swatches

(excuse my dodgy arms!)
I love these pallette's, you can probably tell I use the Storm one the most as it is more suitable for daytime looks. And I especially love the 2nd colour from the left on the top row, infact since I took these pictures you can see the bottom of the pallette in that one now! I like the Original one for the purple thats in there and the olive and the gold they're really gorgeous colours and look amazing on. The Jewels pallette is the one I never use...I'm not too sure why I just find the colours a bit daunting for me but my sister bought it for me. The pigmentation is amazing for the price (less than £5), I can put them on at 8am and they are still there at 10pm with minimal creasing. I really love these pallettes and reccomend them to everyone, I just don't like that the only place I can get them from is the Trafford centre or the city centre as I have to nag my husband to take me there! Also the Limited edition pallette's sell out really quickly so you have to get in there before they sell out, I have managed to find Acid and Safari on ebay however. I am keen to try out other Sleek products as I've heard great things about them, so keep your eyes open because as soon as I can get some I will post more reviews.

Here are a few looks I've created with the pallettes...

Sorry this post is rather picture heavy.