Tuesday, 18 August 2009


So today I had my last (ish I have to go back out on friday for some clothes for Alice) shopping trip for a month - Booooo!

I only ended up buying 2 simple tops and I finally got GOSH Darling!! Excited, I will do pictures tommorow and I'm knackered today. But I can't make up my mind if it looks like I have concealor on my lips, I might try it with some gloss over. I also bought MAC Russian Red lipstick from someone on this forum http://makeupadviceforum.com/, I love this forum there's loads of make up artists on there who have so much advice and are always lovely and welcoming. A lot of them also sell their make up on there which is fab!! I have had a bit of stuff from there now and I'm impressed. I also bought a new Dior Forever foundation from a girl on there last week and that came today!

So lots of new things. One of my friends has asked me to try a celebrity inspired look, I will do it I'm just trying to pick a celeb.


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