Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Rainy day...

The weather is horrible today (when isn't it?) and a friend convinced me to play with the Sleek Jewels pallette. I wasn't very adventurous but maybe I'll try the other colours another day. Here is what I did

I had to crop the photos just down to the eye because I woke up this morning with a huge breakout and very shiny skin. I'm just not in the mood today to try and cover it up...I would've cropped my eyebrows is possible aswell because they need plucking but I tried this morning and it hurt too much.


  1. Looks lovely Jen. Next time go brighter! Your eyeliner looks fab too! :-)

  2. I think it was a fluke! I tried it again today and it didn't work...

    But I did use another colour from the Jewel pallette that looked nice, because of the rubbish eyeliner I had to take it off.