Thursday, 27 August 2009

My make up collection

So I decided to take pictures of it all to try and convince me that a month off buying any isn't such a bad thing. Well its convinced me to try not to buy anymore eyeshadows for a bit. I do need more lipsticks and some more nail varnishes as at the moment I don't wear much nail varnish but I would like to make more effort. When my month is up (on the 3rd october) I will probably hit Barry M for some nail varnish and some lipsticks I have my eye on, which I tried in boots on my hand on monday. I got home and tried to rub off and it wouldn't, I washed my hand and it was still there, and I had a bath and it was still there. So they have good staying power.

Anyway, my make up..

So here are my eye products. To the right in the little pots with white lids are my MAC pigment samples, then there's the body shop 4 brick eyeshadows, 2 ruby and millie shadows, some eyeliners, eyebrow pencils, mascara, a random no7 eyeshadow thing I bought last year when I was getting married...I really don't like it but who knows if it will ever come in useful, fluid line, 2 mac shadows Dazzlelight and All that Glitters, then my 4 Sleek pallette's, 2xUrban Decay Baked pallette's, a number 7 pallette I got for xmas which I quite like, some 17 and collection 200 trio's, Foreshadow pallette. Yeah, far too many eyeshadows.

This is my face section, I don't have a lot of face stuff as I stick to what I know when it comes to foundation, bronzer and concealer. My blushers are pretty much all the same colours. So at the front are my blushes, Urban Decay Quickie, Bobbi Brown Desert Rose, Body Shope tea rose, Ruby and Millie (I don't know the name something to do with orange), and the long one is a body shop one which I got in the sale for £3 its the one I'm wearing in my jessica simpson look. I do love this blush its a peachy pink and I forget I have it. Then the MAC studio select concealer, smashbox photofinish concealer, Benetint. The rest you can see. Then I have this dior product...its like a highlighter, I think its called Diorglitz I can't remember, it did come with a cute little brush but I can't find it. And I only remembered I had it recently

My lip products..

Like I said I do need more lip products, I have some cheap lipglosses in there, my benefit, dazzleglass, a FCUK gloss, juicy tube, about that is a Jessica Simpson gloss, Benefit California dreaming, and the 2true lip protect. And another cheapy lot of lipsticks, then my Dior Lipglow which I really really love!! I have told so many people to go out and buy it and they all love it too. And another random Dior product I'd forgotten about, its 2 lipglosses with a brush and its like a dog tag. Edit - I've just realised I have 2 more products to add to this. Russian Red and the lipgloss I ordered from Supercover - my order came today, I've not had chance to try it really yet but will review soon. So far I'm impressed with the speed of delivery considering I ordered tuesday night and it came today.

And now my brushes,

I'm mixed with brushes, I like spending my money on good eye brushes so I have the MAC brushes (I definately need more but what I have I really love), and some Ruby and Millie which I buy when I get the £5 number 7/rubby and millie voucher. The other face brushes are all cheap ones from boots or superdrug. Apart from the clear one which is a Clinique blush brush which I really love. So brushes is another thing I need to invest more in. Maybe I should stop buying eyeshadow now and start spending more money on brushes, lipsticks and some nail varnish. I have already decided I am going to try out some of the Sigma brushes.

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