Tuesday, 25 August 2009


So I think we all knew I would cave. I got a bit of extra money last week so I went shopping on saturday, I didn't get much and what I got was actually cheap so...

I got these sunglasses from Accessorize in the sale for £4.20 down from £14 which is a bargain and I love them.

Then at the till I spotted this keyring, which I have been after for ages since my sister got one. I don't actually like keyrings but I obviously had to have this because of Sex and the City...

Then I bought Alice some clothes, I got her this top (amongst other bits) that I'd thought I'd show you all because I think its cute..

And I went for a visit to Superdrug. I have become addicted to GOSH Darling so I decided to try some other lipsticks, but not knowing what colours would be best for me I just decided to try out some cheap ones. So I looked at NYC and got Mauve Gold, then I went over to the 2true stand because I'd heard about the cheek tint and saw it was 3 items for £5 so I picked up one of their lipsticks which doesn'd have a name but its number 1 and there wasn't anything else I wanted so I got the Protect and Seal for lips.



The bronze colour is the NYC lipstick, the other is the 2true one. Then the blob of pink is the cheek tint before you rub it in, which looks scary! But above that is when its been rubbed in and it doesn't really look that bad, obviously I haven't done it very well because its on my hand but I do prefer it to Benetint.

I do like the lipsticks, the only problem I have with the 2true one is that its glittery so it feels odd when you apply it, maybe it will be better with a brush. Anyway I have the lipstick bug now and have 3 MAC ones that I want - Ruby Woo, Blankety and Plink.

Tonight I ordered some bits from http://www.supercovermakeup.co.uk/ Somebody reccomended it on Make Up Advice Forum, so I ordered 2 foundation samples for £1 each (apparently they are very generous and go a long way), then I got a sample of the finishing powder in colourless and a sample of primer. Then I went into the Discontinues section and got 2 eyeliners, a lipgloss and a Glistening powder. For all that including postage I only spent £13! Lets hope its good. I'll give yo ua review when I have it.

And lastly, I got a new phone today! I'm so excited its an LG Cookie, I did only get one in Feb because I was in hospital and my phone had broken so Col couldn't speak to me so he went out and bought me a Sony Ericcson T303..if you have had one you will know how rubbish they are. Anyway this was £10 a month on Virgin for 100 mins and 100 texts which is great for me as I don't actually use my mobile that much. So far I love it!

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  1. pinching my keyring misses. lols. i llove ruby woo! :) im in a bit of a lipstick moment recently still not finding lipgloss nice only my mac one because i dont have to keep reaplying it. and my lipglosses that i bought the other day were 2true i dont really like them i just use them to dab i alittle on with lipstick. later sister. oh and i did my eyes today with my 120 palette i love them hehe :) xxx