Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Happy Anniversary to me!

Okay so it was yesterday but I've had a hectic few days. So I thought I would share a wedding picture with you (my favourite)

I wanted to recreate my hair and make up yesterday for the blog, but Alice has been ill since Sunday and we've not had much sleep and to be honest I haven't even been putting make up on(!!) and I have been catching up on my sleep whenever I get the chance. So hopefully I will be able to get round to it in a few days.
Here is what I got for my present

I went to look at the Thomas Sabo bracelets but I didn't really like the quality, so I went to beaverbrooks and fell in love with this!

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

A better picture of my hair

You can see the colour better with no flash


So I went shopping this morning! Me and my husband are going out for our anniversary at weekend so I wanted something new to wear. There is nothing in the shops that I like at the moment, so I bought new shoes. I used to have a bad shoe habbit before Alice was born, but I went out nearly every weekend back then so I had a use for them. I have bought about 4 pairs of heels since she was born, one pair was my wedding shoes, and so I always wear the same pair when I go out. I like to wear jeans when I go out and I can't stand wearing a pair of shoes with jeans which just slip on and off my feet and then my jeans get caught in the shoe so I have to have some kind of strap to them, the pair I always wear are a parent peep toe court with a strap across the front and I've never seen anything I like as much as I like them. Until today, so I bought the shoes £25 from New Look aswell as the earrings which were £4. Then I headed to Boots for the 3 for 2 offer on the make up (I am loving this offer) and I bought Maybelline Colour Sensational lipstick in the infamous shade Ambre Rose, Rimmel The Max Volume Flash mascara, and my usual day to day foundation Lasting Finish.

And I bought a new hair dye, I wanted to stick with the red but I wanted something more vibrant and something that would last as the Creme Casting Gloss just faded after not even a week! So I bought Loreal Ferria in Plum Power and this is how it turned out

Excuse all the mess in the background, it doesn't look as vibrant on the photo as it is in real life but I love it! And I am wearing Ambre Rose and my new mascara in the picture which so far I really like.

So newt tuesday is our first wedding anniversary :) This time last year I was in Florida!! Last night my dad told me to check Colin's emails and him and my mum had sent an email confirmation for a hotel they have booked for us on saturday night. We have just decided to have a fun evening and go bowling and then for dinner.

Wednesday, 16 September 2009


A new show started on Sky channel Really last night, Blush: Search for the next great make up artist.

Its on again tonight at 9pm, I don't know if its on every night? But its a good program, last night they had 2 tasks. The first was to create a look with food - one of the guys created an amazing look with flower petals in the hair and on the eyelashes, they used gravy granuals and curry powder as bronzer/blush and one guy put icing around a models eye's and then added sprinkles. It looked good...until it started to melt! He had forgotten icing melted. The second task, they brought in Danni Minogue and she asked them to create a twisted disco look.

Its a great program and I reccomend you all watch it!


So there's probably not a person on the planet who doesn't know who Lady Gaga is right?

Love her or hate her, you can't deny that she makes you laugh!

Her recent appearance at the VMA's 2009 had me in stitches, I'm sure you will have seen the photo's but for those of you who haven't ...

And my personal favourite

She doesn't care what people think, and dare's to be different, thats what I like about her. I love how she dedicated her award to "god and the gays" She is a bit out there, but her songs are good and she is a good entertainer.

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

4 more to go..

Once I get to 20 followers I'm going to do a little giveaway so I just need 4 more followers and I'll do it.


Most wanted!

There are some things I really want at the moment.

The first is this necklace from Disney the moment I am showing my husband lots of lovely things I like in the hope that he is going to surprise me with a little anniversary present. I love the sparkly slipper and the crown that hangs on the back of the chain

The next is a Thomas Sabo charm bracelet, again I have shown it to him and said it would be a good idea because he never has an excuse that he didn't know what to buy me as he can buy me charms! I don't like Pandora bracelets as I like "dangly" charms.

This is one I designed on the website.And each charm means something, the shoe - I love shoes, the horse shoe for good luck and for our wedding, the 3rd is a tag that says my little girl obviously thats for Alice, then a lipstick for obvious reasons, then an angel as back in February I lost a baby to an ectopic pregnancy so it would be nice to always have something to remember our baby by, then a butterfly because I love them, nail polish and a crown just because I like them. I would have more but the charm creator online only lets you do so many.

And I want some new Uggs, I only got some new ones last december but they're ruined. I wear them in the rain, I wore them to Centre Parcs in january and they got muddy and my jeans seem to have dyed them blue (they are proper Uggs too) :( So I want a new pair, I love the new ones they have just brought out. At £170 I really will have to save hard!

I also want some new knee high boots. Now I say this every year and never get round to buying any. I have wide calves and I am sure some of you will sympathize with me that its so hard to buy cheap(er) nice boots in a wide fitting. I usually see some nice ones in Evans, I like these as I would like a pair that I can wear casually or more dressy.

And lastly, a new coat. I already have a winter coat but I want an autumn coat. I was just browsing the New Look website and came across their new collection with Kimberly it just me or does it look like they have stuck her head on a model

I like this coat and really like the colour!

So thats a lot of stuff...a girl can dream! Really the coat and boots aren't that far out of my reach, I might just have to go a few weeks with no new make up but I'm sure it would be worth it! Maybe I should've titled this post "I want, I want, I want"


Here is today's look. I'm a bit bored today and Alice was nappying so I decided to experiment. Once again my camera seems to have bleached the colour of the eyes booo!! The hair needs dying again, also on my cheeks I have used a Miners cheek and lip colour. Its so hard to use I just can't blend it and it looks very pink. I applied my favourite Bodyshop blush over it. I used the silver colour from Sleek Curious and the dark blue is from Storm. Then I lined my eyes with Fluidline in Blacktrack and did the waterline with a MAC Kohl. On the lips is Gosh Darling.

My new blog layout.

I think you will agree its gorgeous! My lovely friend Emma did it for me, if you want yours doing this is her blog

Check her out x

Thursday, 10 September 2009


I chose Barry M raspberry - I LOVE it!!! Its a gorgeous deep red colour and I'm struggling to get the camera to pick up the true colour.

More Pout Polish

I thought I would show you what the Pink Cadillac looks like over Barry M 146

So on the picture it looks very light but in real life I feel very bright! But I'm giving it a go.

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Check out this contest

Amazing contest and so easy to enter!


Well sunday really but I forgot to blog it.

Its Barry M Bright Pink

I love Barry M nail varnishes and have just bought 2 more in Raspberry (273) and Vivid Purple (161) I thought bought colours would be perfect for autumn. There is only one chip in the pink though and I've had it on since sunday. I sort of expect it being a mum as I'm always changing nappies, washing pots, washing clothes ironing etc so I'm always doing something with my hands.

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Pale & Interesting or Orange?

I was on a very rare night out with the husband a few weeks back and we were in a bar in town and I noticed how many orange girls were in there. Now they didn't just have that nicely just tanned glow, they had the "been tangoed" look about them.
It got me thinking about tanning whether its fake or UV! I will put fake tan on if I have a wedding or an occasion but I only ever use the Dove stuff that lightly and gardually tans you as thats perfect for me. Don't get me wrong, when I was younger I had many "orange" days and just recently I have started to ditch the bronzer all together.
I really don't understand why someone would want to look like that? Lets take for instance Katie Price or Jodie Marsh

(I can't believe I'm posting an image of this creature on my blog)

And Miss Price...oh dear! Yes I am most definately Team Andre, I used to quite like her but the last series she did with Pete just showed how horrible she was to him. Anyway back to the subject.

And compare them with someone like Kylie Minogue, who I love and who, I think, always looks amazing.

She looks a lot healthier than both of them, ask a man which of the 3 he prefers and if he's normal he will pick Kylie. If he likes the slapper look he will pick one of the other 2! I refuse to use tanning beds now, I have a child and a husband I don't want to risk cutting my life short just to be vain. If I ever need a tan, I'll fake it. But I won't be going orange.

Sleek Pout Polish

I saw these a while ago on this blog by Hele and they came out last week, Superdrug did an offer 2 Pout Polish's for £6.99 bargain! So I chose Pink Cadillac and Chocolate Kiss.

They are tinted lip conditioners and have SPF 15 in them. They smell really nice and don't feel too sticky on the lips, and are very nourishing for the lips. I like wearing the pink one over the Barry M 146 lip paint to give it a nice glossy finish. But it looks gorgeous just on its own.

And Chocolate Kiss, on the lips

I really do like these and will definately buy the other 2 colours either next time I'm near a Superdrug that stock Sleek or when they eventually get their online shop up and running (which apparently won't be far off) They are amazing value as always, I love Sleek!

Monday, 7 September 2009

My sister's blog

So I just discovered she has one (bad sister)

You will probably see we look quite alike. Go and check her out and follow her


Christmas comes early!

Hi everybody

I know I haven't blogged for ages, I've had a bit of a mad/bad week. But anyway I have some stuff to review now I'm back. My sister decided to cheer me up by letting me have my christmas presents now, so I asked for 2 Barry M lip paints and then asked her to go to MAC and ask the girls what shadow they reccomend as a crease/outer edge colour to go with All that glitters. So here's what I got

The lip paints are 146 (the pink colour) and 147 which is a peachy pink. And she got me Romp eyeshadow which I really love its a bronzey gold colour

And it goes perfectly with ATG and Dazzlelight. I've taken pictures of it on but it doesn't show how gorgeous it is

So you can see how gorgeous and shimmery is. I do prefer the shimmery shadows to mattes.

And here's the lip paints on my lips



So I'm very happy with my christmas presents thank you sister! x