Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Pale & Interesting or Orange?

I was on a very rare night out with the husband a few weeks back and we were in a bar in town and I noticed how many orange girls were in there. Now they didn't just have that nicely just tanned glow, they had the "been tangoed" look about them.
It got me thinking about tanning whether its fake or UV! I will put fake tan on if I have a wedding or an occasion but I only ever use the Dove stuff that lightly and gardually tans you as thats perfect for me. Don't get me wrong, when I was younger I had many "orange" days and just recently I have started to ditch the bronzer all together.
I really don't understand why someone would want to look like that? Lets take for instance Katie Price or Jodie Marsh

(I can't believe I'm posting an image of this creature on my blog)

And Miss Price...oh dear! Yes I am most definately Team Andre, I used to quite like her but the last series she did with Pete just showed how horrible she was to him. Anyway back to the subject.

And compare them with someone like Kylie Minogue, who I love and who, I think, always looks amazing.

She looks a lot healthier than both of them, ask a man which of the 3 he prefers and if he's normal he will pick Kylie. If he likes the slapper look he will pick one of the other 2! I refuse to use tanning beds now, I have a child and a husband I don't want to risk cutting my life short just to be vain. If I ever need a tan, I'll fake it. But I won't be going orange.


  1. I like this post :) Yeah you do get the immature guys who would say one of the other two because they have 'big' boobs but obviously Kylie is much more attractive.
    I also use Dove :) But I always get paranoid if I look orange or not!

  2. I think if you use Dove everyday for like a week it can turn you orange so I just use it every few days x