Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Most wanted!

There are some things I really want at the moment.

The first is this necklace from Disney Couture...at the moment I am showing my husband lots of lovely things I like in the hope that he is going to surprise me with a little anniversary present. I love the sparkly slipper and the crown that hangs on the back of the chain

The next is a Thomas Sabo charm bracelet, again I have shown it to him and said it would be a good idea because he never has an excuse that he didn't know what to buy me as he can buy me charms! I don't like Pandora bracelets as I like "dangly" charms.

This is one I designed on the website.And each charm means something, the shoe - I love shoes, the horse shoe for good luck and for our wedding, the 3rd is a tag that says my little girl obviously thats for Alice, then a lipstick for obvious reasons, then an angel as back in February I lost a baby to an ectopic pregnancy so it would be nice to always have something to remember our baby by, then a butterfly because I love them, nail polish and a crown just because I like them. I would have more but the charm creator online only lets you do so many.

And I want some new Uggs, I only got some new ones last december but they're ruined. I wear them in the rain, I wore them to Centre Parcs in january and they got muddy and my jeans seem to have dyed them blue (they are proper Uggs too) :( So I want a new pair, I love the new ones they have just brought out. At £170 I really will have to save hard!

I also want some new knee high boots. Now I say this every year and never get round to buying any. I have wide calves and I am sure some of you will sympathize with me that its so hard to buy cheap(er) nice boots in a wide fitting. I usually see some nice ones in Evans, I like these as I would like a pair that I can wear casually or more dressy.

And lastly, a new coat. I already have a winter coat but I want an autumn coat. I was just browsing the New Look website and came across their new collection with Kimberly Walsh..is it just me or does it look like they have stuck her head on a model http://www.newlook.co.uk/women/look_20/CollectionList.aspx

I like this coat and really like the colour!

So thats a lot of stuff...a girl can dream! Really the coat and boots aren't that far out of my reach, I might just have to go a few weeks with no new make up but I'm sure it would be worth it! Maybe I should've titled this post "I want, I want, I want"

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