Tuesday, 30 November 2010

All I want for Christmas...

...is gorgeous hair!

Cloud Nine have put together two gift sets for this Christmas, the "Gift of Straight" and the "Gift of Volume".

Gift of Straight includes the full size Cloud Nine iron and the handy micro iron which is tiny! This costs just £154.95. It would be a great gift just for you, or if your partner needs a mini straightener (could be a good way to convince them you NEED this set!)

Gift of Volume includes TheO Pod, 4x30mm rollers, 4x40mm rollers, 4x50mm rollers, a Cloud Nine Amplify Spray, a Sectioning comb and a gorgeous limited edition case. This costs £199.95

Both sets can be purchased from the Cloud Nine website http://cloudninehair-direct.com/

I will be putting TheO on my Christmas list but I know Santa has already got my present so I doubt it will be under my tree on Christmas morning but a girl can dream...

What do you want for Christmas?

Monday, 29 November 2010

November Favourites...

Its that time again! We only have one month of 2010 left, and this will be my last monthly favourites for 2010 as I'm planning something different for next month.

Urban Decay Primer Potion - I finally gave in and bought the full size. I'm glad I did as I really can't live without this stuff.

Lush Snow Fairy shower gel - I was so excited to buy more of this as I love the smell and I love using it. I'm going to go and buy another big bottle of it before the end of their Xmas range so it will be last me through the next year.

Avon Supershock mascara - My Sister in Law gave me this as she is a Avon Representative, I really like it! Makes me lashes look fuller and longer, I'll be doing a review soon.

Aussie Take The Heat spray - I was sent this from Aussie in October and I love it. I feel like it definitely makes me hair feel less "fried" when I've styled it with straighteners.

MAC Creme Cup lipstick - I chose this a Back 2 Mac freebie a few weeks ago and have been loving it. I can see me buying this over and over again.

MAC My Highland Honey blush - I've wrote a post on this so won't write much but I do still love it.

Urban Decay Book of Shadows II - I'm sure this has featured in many of my Monthly Favourites this year but I really do love this palette. Its got a good mix of shades so lots of different looks can be created with it.

NYC Prince Street...

I got this polish from Sam from Makeup Advice Forum to review for her, and I've never tried a NYC polish before so I was interested in this as its such a gorgeous purple.

Application was really easy, though it did need 3 coats for full opaqueness. It dried really quickly and lasted 3 days before chipping. The colour is quite a bright purple, I felt it was quite bright for this time of year on my hands but I'd be happy with it on my toes. I did wear this on my hands on holiday and I thought it was a good colour for that, so I expect this will get lots of wear next summer!

NYC In a New York Colour Minute polishes are £2.59 which is fantastic! I'm definitely going to go on the hunt for more as they have some lovely colours.

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

I need your opinions (possibly quite rambly..)

I'm sure you will have all noticed I don't blog much.

The reason being, I don't have a lot of time with the whole makeup looks thing with having a little monster at home in the form of an almost 3 year little girl who is more than a handful. But also, I don't work so when I do get a bit of spare cash I don't really buy a lot of makeup (I know I don't do bad and a lot of the time I don't even do hauls on what I buy but I tend to repurchase a lot), so I don't have much I can post about.

I'm also sure you will have noticed I do a lot of nail posts, now this is where I need opinions. I could easily post more nail posts as I have a lot of polishes I haven't swatched and I paint my nails every few days and that's always done when Alice is in bed so doesn't take as much time as makeup does. But I don't always post them as I feel like I'm cheating you all a bit by just posting a nail post. So, my idea is to post a lot more nail swatches? I would still do little hauls and possibly some makeup looks (I have planned to do Christmas party makeup which I know I need to get a move on with but I'm not full of a cold - yes again!) but it is likely to be mostly nails.

Would you all mind? I know a lot of you started following me as a makeup blog and I seem to be heading more into the realm of nail blogging (although its not very exciting nails as I'm not very practised in nail art and such)

I did warn you this is quite rambly, also there are lots of brackets!!!

Don't worry about offending me (unless you are going to say "yes I'd like lots more nail posts because you're really ugly and I don't want to see your face anymore" because that's not very nice and would make me cry!) and say "No carry on posting makeup I don't care if you have nothing to say about it or if you look like a dogs dinner"!

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Tiny MAC Haul...

Unless you live under a rock you'll know this year's holiday collection from MAC has been released A Tartan Tale. As usual it has lots of parts to it but there wasn't much that interested me this year. Last year I purchased a holiday palette and it ended up not being used as I wasn't very impressed with the pigmentation of the shadows.

So this year I only bought a blush which has no tartan to be seen and is very pretty...

My Highland Honey and a sample of Prep + Prime Face (which I've used before and think is fab!)

Its a lovely matte peach shade

I only own one other MAC blush which is Ripe Peach which is a very similar colour so I decided to compare the two.

So you can see that the lightest part of Ripe Peach is really similar to My Highland Honey whereas the darker park is a lot darker. Ripe Peach has shimmer, My Highland Honey is matte. I can't say which I prefer as I haven't had chance to use it properly yet, but Ripe Peach has been my favourite blush since I bought it in March.

Did you buy anything from this collection?

Monday, 8 November 2010

Accessorize Notourious...

I promised this picture over a week ago and its only just happening! Oops

Anyway here is Accessorize Notourious, a dark grey polish with green and purple glitter. It looks different in all lights, it's definitely an interesting one.

In this picture it looks purple

And in this it looks green which is mostly what it looks like under artificial lighting depending on the angle you hold your hand at.

Its a beautiful shade, easy to apply, quick drying, but it lasts one day before chipping. I've given this 2 goes now and each time it chips badly. Which is a shame as its a gorgeous polish with everything else going for it.

You can buy Accessorize polish from Superdrug and the Accessorize website for £4 each.

Friday, 5 November 2010

Free Nails Inc with Glamour Magazine

With this months Glamour Magazine you get a free Nails Inc polish! The magazine is £2 and the nail polish is worth £11 so its a great offer.

There are 4 colours available, I subscribe to the magazine so I didn't get to pick my colour and was sent Hampstead Heath which is a deep red/raspberry. At first I wasn't happy with it but after 3 coats its a beautiful colour. I did take pictures of it on my nails but they didn't turn out well, will try again at weekend.

There are 4 colours to collect

Hampstead Heath, Warwick Avenue, Saville Row and Jermyn Street.

When I pop out to the shops this weekend I'll be grabbing a Jermyn Street.

Thursday, 4 November 2010

October Favourites...

Oh my god it's November already! Do I say that every month? I think I do but this year has gone so fast, I love this time of year the weather is usually nice (I say this as I look out at a very wet, rainy Manchester) there's usually loads of parties and nice shopping trips and of course we're on the countdown to Christmas! Exciting.

Here's October's favourites...

St Tropez bronzer - I love this bronzer!! It does have a slight shimmer to it, but I really like that. Its not mega obvious so if you just want to add some glow back to your face this is really good, its very natural and doesn't give you a tangerine glow! The only thing is, I've had this since mid September and as you can see I've made a pretty big dent in. I don't use a lot when I apply it but its very powdery so when you swirl your brush in it, you get loads of fall out all over the pan. If that make's sense?

Sleek Waterproof mascara - Still loving this mascara, its starting to dry up now so I'm going to be buying another.

MAC Studio Fix Fluid foundation - Love this foundation. There's not much I can say that you won't have heard already.

MAC MSF Natural - Sets SFF really well.

Eyeko Grafiti liner - I've been using this more out of laziness than anything else. I do my make up sat on my bed with a sleek palette as my mirror. To do pencil liner I have to get up and to go my mirror so I can use two hands. Using liquid liners means I don't have to get up - so yes very lazy but this is a really good liquid liner.

Barry M Dusky Mauve - This is a beautiful wintery nail polish. I'm sure you'll all know its a very good dupe for Chanel Paradoxal too.

Sleek blush in Rose Gold - This is a gorgeous blush, great pigmentation, a few people have said its a dupe for NARS Orgasm. I'm not sure, its very similar but I prefer this, its a bit more peachy.

Alva Rhassoul skincare...

I've never been able to find a cleanser that works really well with my skin type. When I was a teenager I had really bad acne, it cleared up a lot in my late teens but I do still suffer with the odd breakout. I have only ever used Dove soap on my face which is what I was told to use by the Dermatologist at the hospital that treated me for my teenage acne, which was always fine but now I'm nearing my mid twenties I figured I best start a skincare routine if I want to look after my skin. I'm still struggling to find a moisturiser that works well for my face but I have found my cleanser.

Alva Rhassoul mineral wash cream " is intended for the deep cleansing of skin pores with volcanic mineral clay. Minerals, trace elements and naturally pure essential oils support the skin during washing in the fight against pimples, blackheads and excessively oily skin. Courtesy of Rhassoul lava clay's 55% silica content, this highly effective yet gentle cleansing cream is suitable for the whole body including the scalp, where it even prevents dandruff, reduces the inflammation and redness associated with psoriasis on the scalp"

I've only used this on my face so I can't comment on how it acts on the rest of the body. But, I've been really happy with this cleanser. My breakouts are less often, in fact I barely get any spots since Is started using this a month ago. The smell of it isn't too unpleasant, and the consistency is quite runny but with gentle "gritty bits". Depending on how my skin is I leave it on for 1 minute or wash it off straightaway. The only problem I have with this is the mess it leaves afterward I empty the bath or turn off the shower there is still lots of brown grit in the bottom of the bath. Not really a problem but worth mentioning.

This costs £10.50 for 150ml on the My Pure website

Alva Rhassoul Repair Spray "Alva Rhassoul Repair Spray is an anti-bacterial repair spray formulated with tea tree and manuka oils and 90% aloe vera to combat spots and provide moisture and healing nutrients for irritated and problem skin. "

I haven't used this as much as the cleanser as obviously you only use this if you do get a spot and I haven't had many since getting it. However, I have a few under the skin spots which (shamefully) I have been trying to get rid (yes I mean squeezing!) of and have resulted in a little breakout around that area. I have used the Repair Spray a couple of times and it has really helped, they appeared yesterday morning, I used it in the morning, last night and this morning and they have gone down a lot. So I'm really impressed with this stuff. It smells pretty strong, but it does have Tea Tree oil in so that's understandable.

This is £11 for 75ml on the My Pure website

I think the next thing I'm going to try is the Rhassoul Balance cream to see if I can find the impossible - a moisturiser that works with my skin! So look out for that review next month.