Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Tiny MAC Haul...

Unless you live under a rock you'll know this year's holiday collection from MAC has been released A Tartan Tale. As usual it has lots of parts to it but there wasn't much that interested me this year. Last year I purchased a holiday palette and it ended up not being used as I wasn't very impressed with the pigmentation of the shadows.

So this year I only bought a blush which has no tartan to be seen and is very pretty...

My Highland Honey and a sample of Prep + Prime Face (which I've used before and think is fab!)

Its a lovely matte peach shade

I only own one other MAC blush which is Ripe Peach which is a very similar colour so I decided to compare the two.

So you can see that the lightest part of Ripe Peach is really similar to My Highland Honey whereas the darker park is a lot darker. Ripe Peach has shimmer, My Highland Honey is matte. I can't say which I prefer as I haven't had chance to use it properly yet, but Ripe Peach has been my favourite blush since I bought it in March.

Did you buy anything from this collection?


  1. I'd really love to get Ripe Peach but the prices are shocking on ebay! love the 'my highland honey' blush! love all the peaches at the moment xoxo

  2. I know Ripe Peach is beautiful, I was really lucky in getting it as I'm not one to stop by MAC counters but I was shopping for my birthday and got to Selfridges just as they were putting out the new collection.

    I would mix My Highland Honey with a pink sparkly blush (or eyeshadow) for a similar effect. I don't have many matte blushers so this is a good addition x

  3. Great post, I think you're actually the first one to show a swatch-comparison of the new MAC blush and Ripe Peach!! Very helpful!


  4. Hi Jen!

    Love your blog, It's great to see a fellow English beauty blogger doing so well <3

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