Thursday, 4 November 2010

October Favourites...

Oh my god it's November already! Do I say that every month? I think I do but this year has gone so fast, I love this time of year the weather is usually nice (I say this as I look out at a very wet, rainy Manchester) there's usually loads of parties and nice shopping trips and of course we're on the countdown to Christmas! Exciting.

Here's October's favourites...

St Tropez bronzer - I love this bronzer!! It does have a slight shimmer to it, but I really like that. Its not mega obvious so if you just want to add some glow back to your face this is really good, its very natural and doesn't give you a tangerine glow! The only thing is, I've had this since mid September and as you can see I've made a pretty big dent in. I don't use a lot when I apply it but its very powdery so when you swirl your brush in it, you get loads of fall out all over the pan. If that make's sense?

Sleek Waterproof mascara - Still loving this mascara, its starting to dry up now so I'm going to be buying another.

MAC Studio Fix Fluid foundation - Love this foundation. There's not much I can say that you won't have heard already.

MAC MSF Natural - Sets SFF really well.

Eyeko Grafiti liner - I've been using this more out of laziness than anything else. I do my make up sat on my bed with a sleek palette as my mirror. To do pencil liner I have to get up and to go my mirror so I can use two hands. Using liquid liners means I don't have to get up - so yes very lazy but this is a really good liquid liner.

Barry M Dusky Mauve - This is a beautiful wintery nail polish. I'm sure you'll all know its a very good dupe for Chanel Paradoxal too.

Sleek blush in Rose Gold - This is a gorgeous blush, great pigmentation, a few people have said its a dupe for NARS Orgasm. I'm not sure, its very similar but I prefer this, its a bit more peachy.


  1. thanks for sharing your favourites! the barry m nail polish sounds very perfect for winter!

  2. Great post! I love my Eyeko Grafiti Pens, I have Navy and Purple. I really want the sleek blush in rose gold but I've been waiting as they have said they have a sale going online in 7 days with a discount across everything.

  3. just found this blog while looking for urban decay gloss pictures... love your site!! i love MAC studio fix as well, it is the best foundation ever.

  4. Thanks girls!

    Kirsty - I have it in Purple and did have it in Navy but gave it to my sister in law as it didn't suit me. Ooh yes I am eagerly awaiting the Sleek sale too xx