Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Jessica Simpson

So I decided to try this Jessica Simpson look for my first Celeb inspired look..

It is really just a smokey eye and nude lip but I wanted to start off easy. I wanted to try and do a celebrity with blue eyes but none really stood out to me, I'll spend longer looking next time. Anyway so I tried..I like the look but I obviously look nothing like her! Also it doesn't look as smoky in the pictures as it does in real life.

Face -
Dior Forever foundation
MAC MSF Medium plus
Max Factor bronzer
Bodyshop blusher...I can't remember what its called.
Dior highlight powder
Eyes -
Sleek curious pallette using the silver/grey and the charcoal.
MAC Black kohl
Diorshow Blackout
Gosh Darling
Collection 2000 lipgloss.
I did enjoy doing it so I'll try some more soon.

1 comment:

  1. Looks ace Jen, although you need about a grands worth of collagen injections to get the full effect on the lips :-D Love the Russian Red, it suits you. x