Monday, 16 May 2011

17 'Coral Pop'....

I went to Boots a couple of weeks ago intending to buy Barry M Peach Melba, however they didn't have it (and neither did the 2 boots in Manchester city centre! Do Boots just not sell it?) so in the mood for a new polish I wandered around and the new Supreme Shine polishes from 17 cosmetics caught my eye. I picked up Coral Pop, a beautiful bright pinky coral shade.

It was easy to apply, opaque in two coats and dried pretty quickly. However, these are supposed to be 10 day wear polishes. Say hello to my chipped index finger after 2 days...

I really don't have much luck with 17 polishes, they always chip quickly on me. But this is a gorgeous shade, you can't see the true shade in these pictures but its very wet and dull outside so the light out there won't pick it up either.

This was £3.59 I think from Boots.


  1. I did a little post on this one. Mines didnt last 10 days either, although I it lasted a good few days with a base and op coat. Nice summer colour though xx

  2. Boots do sell Peach Melba, I'd imagine it probably just sells out every time they restock the shelves - I know it's a much-coveted shade! Alternatively Superdrug do it, if you have one near you? I know you're not supposed to but you could always try having a nosey in the stock drawers they keep beneath the Barry M counter as it may just be that they haven't bothered to restock the shelves. I managed to find Lemon Ice Cream that way haha. Hope you find it soon! xxx