Friday, 18 December 2009

FOTD & Snow!!

Hi everybody!

Sorry for the lack of posts, once again I have been ill :( Seriously I think I have spent 80% of this year poorly with colds and whatnot. I am feeling lots better now though (although I do have a husband with "man flu").

Here is today's FOTD

Revlon Colorstay
17 Shine-Free powder
Max Factor bronzer
Sleek 'Coral' blush

Using my Glamour to go pallette I used the light shimmery shade all over my lid, and then the bronze/brown colour all over my lid. Sometimes, just 1 colour makes me happy.
MAC ebony pencil
Rimmel The Max mascara

Blistex instensive moisture :) My lips are so dry its awful. But after a while after the creaminess of the Blistex has gone it makes my lips look nice and full and nice pink colour!

And we have snow!! I'm so excited I love snow, I took Alice for a walk yesterday and she kept saying "Sky,snow" she's so cute! Today I took her out to play and she was amazed! She won't touch it though

Another thing I like about the snow is getting wrapped up! I really like hats, this is my favourite I bought it for £5 from H&M

Do you have snow where you are?


  1. YES, i'm from down south, and just recently moved to just north of London and have experienced REAL snow for the first time today, it's so fun! we made a snow woman haha!

    beautiful FOTD! :)