Saturday, 19 December 2009

Christmassy NOTD

Barry M Red Glitter. This is a really pretty polish for the Christmas season and for all those parties! However, its is an absolute nightmare to remove!! The method I chose was to sit infront of the X Factor final on sunday and pick as much off as I could, then I poured nail varnish remover into the lid of the bottle and soaked each finger in there for 5 minutes and then peeled it off, at the end I went over them all with a pad. It took me the whole 2 hours the show was on! There has been discussions on Twitter this week over the best way to remove it, Helen at says to soak a cotton pad so its really wet and hold it on each nail for 5-10 minutes. Either way, its really time consumming but worth it for pretty party nails!


  1. Nightmare to remove isn't it. I was nearly cryin haha. Sadly the removal process has put me off the polish :(