Monday, 7 December 2009

Another Haul!

This is definately my last before christmas now!!

I just went to Boots, at the moment I can't justify the money for MAC. I've heard good things about the 17 shine control powder so thought I'd give it a go. I got more Colorstay, I absolutley love this foundation but I just wish it came with a pump as I'm wasting it! Then I got the Red Glitter polish from Barry M aswell as the lip gloss in Toffee and got a free limited edition lip gloss, its really pretty and looks gorgeous over the toffee gloss. In other news I have a lovely triangle of spots between my eyebrows!! One next to each eyebrow and one above them. Lovely.


  1. i have shine control. cant decide the colour is too yellow i think.

  2. Is that foundation good for oily skin hun? x

  3. Yeah it is, I can have oily skin at times and it stays on all day.

    Sarah - Its fine for me you're just a weirdo ;)