Monday, 14 February 2011

Rimmel Beige Style...

I saw this polish on a friend of my Mum's in July and kept meaning to pick it up but didn't actually buy it until very recently.

I don't know what took me so long as its a gorgeous nude shade which is so easy to apply, dries quickly and with a good top coat lasts nearly 7 days which is amazing. Without the topcoat it lasts about 4-5 days which is still pretty good going considering its a drugstore product.

It depends on how tanned my skin is as to how this shows up, in daylight with no tan on its a very pinky nude. However if I have a tan you can barely see the polish, which personally I quite like as sometimes I don't want a colour on my nails but I want to cover up my nail bed as they're quite yellow from permanently wearing polish.

I think I'll be having a look at the other shades in the Professional Finish range as this has impressed me in terms of application and staying power.


  1. absolutely gorgeous on you. very tempted to purchase but won't. A bit disappointed with my rimmel beige babe as for the coverage and duration, but maybe this one will be better? x
    please blog about your collection 2000 foundation xx

  2. Is beige babe the darker one? I've got my eye on that!

    Okay I will do a post this week on it x