Friday, 25 February 2011

Small MAC Limited Edition Blog Sale....

I've decided to sell some of the MAC items I really don't use. It feels pointless them sitting around not being used. I know I've done blog posts recently on some of the items, I haven't changed my opinion on the product there are just others I use more!

So prices include P&P, if you want them just leave your email address below and I will email you with my Paypal address and if you could send the money as a gift that would be great. I am open to Reasonable offers!

1. MAC Ripe Peach. Has been used but not a lot, there is no dent or uneveness to the pan at all £17 inc P&P SOLD

2. MAC My Highland Honey blush. Again this has been used for really not much I think I got it in December and used it about 7 times. £15 inc P&P

3. MAC Chilled on Ice Paintpot. I got this on NYE so haven't had it long and its been used about 4-5 times. £12 inc P&P 

4. MAC Victorian Lipstick. You can see how much this has been used which isn't a lot. £12 inc P&P SOLD


  1. Hi hon, can I get MAC ripe peach please? Thank you. :)

  2. Hi can you give me ripe peach if nicola doesn't buy it pls x x email is shipping international

  3. Hi

    Nicola has paid for it x

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