Friday, 13 August 2010

Beauty UK Smoky Lilac

I picked this up a few weeks ago when I was having one of them days where I just didn't know what to buy. I bought 3 Beauty UK polishes and I've been pretty impressed.

This is 3 coats and it lasted pretty well, at least three days. It applied easily and dried quickly, the colour is really pretty too. For £1.79 each I think these are a good bargain!


  1. Ooh it's a really nice colour! And wow so cheap, I'll have to look out for these next time i'm in superdrug :)

  2. Bargain isn't it?! I also bought a purple, which is like Jo'mina but darker and a peach colour will swatch them soon x

  3. what the hell? and this is just £1.79? bargain or what! thanks for the heads up xx