Monday, 23 August 2010

Blondes have more fun?

Well I'm not sure, I have been blonde in the past. Up until 4 years ago I had always been blonde, recently I started to miss it and decided to experiment a bit.

My hair was really dark and it had had a lot of red dye on it in the past. The past few months I've just been using a normal brown dye to try and tone down the red but once the brown faded the red tint was still there.

So this weekend I used a lightening kit and tried to get blonde hair. The first go on saturday was a disaster and my hair was so orange! The next day I went off to buy more lightener and a light ash blonde dye to counteract the orange and ran off to my mum's house in a woolly hat covering up all the hair. Mum's friend tried to fix it for me, the ends where all the colour build up is, are so stubborn and won't lighten enough but once I put the Ash blonde on it looks a lot better.

It's still not perfect so I'm not going to post pictures but I'd just like some advice from anyone who's done this on toners to take away the orangeness/yellowness? Aveda has been reccomended but I don't want to pay that much money. In a few weeks I will be going to the hairdresser and asking them to make it look more natural, in the mean time I'm using lots of conditioning treatments and laying off the straighteners to limit the damage to it after all the bleach. At the moment its still in good condition and feels healthy but I know if I went to a salon and told them what I'd done they'd worry about putting more peroxide on if my hair was in a bad way.

So reccomend me some affordable toners, and I need make up tips! When I was blonde before I only used to wear foundation, bronzer and mascara. I'm really struggling to make it look normal, as after all the years of being brunette I've gotten used to the way I do my make up. I've also had to slap some false tan on as the blonde is really washing me out...good job I go on holiday in 4 weeks!



  1. Have you thought about using the 99p tonger sachets you can get from Boots/Superdrug etc? I use the ash blonde ones when my (blonde) hair starts to look a bit brassy and sorts it out.

    I hate the way you have to learn to redo all your makeup when you change your hair colour!

  2. hi sweet, i hope you get there in the end. sounds like it's been a right adventure so far xx

  3. Jen, you need this, it's amazing and took all the dark brown built up dye out of my hair when I wanted to go lighter so it will deffo work with red too. It takes away all trace of dye.

  4. Hey Hun,

    I'm naturally a brunette and have been blonde for many years now. I have gone back to 'the dark side' a couple of times and hated it, which resulted in very yellow looking blonde initially. The best shampoos to use to remove the brassy tones from your hair would be a blue shampoo - L'Oreal do a good one'oreal_serie_expert/shampoos/p4539_r956_sc491.aspx use this once you have been to the hairdresses also to keep you blonde from going yellow.

    Keep away from straightening irons, tongs and where possible, the hairdryer. Leave-in conditioner is also a lifesaver!

    Anything else, give me a shout...I have been through this...twice!

    Di x

  5. Lucy at the mo I'm just wearing winged liner until I get it fixed!

    I took pictures last night and the ends are just a bit too gingery so I've called my hairdresser and I'm popping in on thursday so she can see it and then I'll hopefully go back on saturday to get it fixed! Thanks for the advice everyone.

  6. jen im getting the b4 hair colour remover today nikki is doing it for me i shall tell you how it goes its £12 :O it strips hair back to normal colour we as close as it can xx

  7. I know I told you about it last night loony! It might need 2 on your hair because of all the red but see how you go. I'm not bothering with it now because my hair is already stripped, and I'm going hairdressers x