Monday, 20 September 2010

A'kin Vitamin Hair Masque

This was sent to me as part of this months mypure blogging parcel.

Luckily it came in very handy! If you've seen my recent post about my hair you'll know I bleached it, and we all know the damage bleach can do to your hair. I put this on the day after the first two lots of bleach and popped a towel on my head and got back in bed for an hour before I washed it out.

I really do think this helped, afterwards my hair felt so much better than it had before I used it, I then used it three days later and again my hair felt fantastic. When I eventually went to the hairdressers to get my hair rectified they told me my hair wasn't as bad as it should have been considering how much bleach I had put on it.

So I think this review really speaks for itself, it definitely works, it makes your hair feel nourished and soft and healthy.

One problem I did have was the bottle, when I squeezed the product out, a big hole opened in the top of the tube! I don't know if I have just had a duff bottle though.

I really do reccomend this if you like to use conditioning treatments.

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