Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Rubber Sole...

Like all girls I love shoes! I have 3 wardrobes full of them in my house and am always in trouble with my husband for having so many.

Actually, that new Heineken advert would be our dream house!

Rubber Sole are a website which sell lots of shoes, from Haviana's,Uggs and Converse to Ted Baker and Calvin Klein. They offer free next day delivery too which is fantastic if you need your shoes super quick. I ordered the Calvin Klein Rylan shoes in black very late on a Friday night and they came first thing Tuesday morning. Obviously its not next day over the weekend, but I have used Rubber Sole before during the week and have had them the next working day. Their service is fantastic considering they don't charge for postage.

I love my new shoes! They're so lovely and are actually the most expensive shoes I own (apart from my Uggs of course)

Excuse little legs in the background!

Peep toe black patent shoes are my staple, I bought a pair from New Look for my 21st birthday party and ever since have worn them to death, they're still in great condition but I wanted a higher pair.

These have a very high heel and a hidden platform. They're cushioned on the insole so are really comfortable on the bottom of your feet. However, I struggle to walk properly in them. I think my feet need to mould them a bit more as they keep slipping in and out when I walk and then I have to stop to get my foot in, I have to walk ridiculously slow to stop it from happening. I'm sure once they've had a few more wears they'll be better.

If you're looking for new lovely shoes then check out Rubber Sole and for an extra 10% off enter code SPARKLES in the coupon box.

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