Wednesday, 24 February 2010

More things for sale..

5 NYX round lipsticks, only swatched.

£2 each plus 75p UK postage.

I still have this Urban Decay Foreshadow palette swatched and only Midnight cowboy has been used a little bit.

£6 plus 75p UK postage or make me an offer.

Dior lip gloss gift set

£5 plus £2.50 postage.


  1. Yay! Blog sale! Can I have the 2 NYX blushes please?

  2. Do you fancy swapping?.. I would love the Palette but am skint.. Would love to swap though, if you let me know what sort of things you like and I'll see what I have.. Email me : Sophsterlicious[at]

    If not, thanks anyway! :) xo

  3. Hi Sophie

    I'm sorry but I need the money more than more make up xx

  4. Hi lovely,
    Would you accept £12 for the MAC palette? I can send you the money as a gift through paypal so that you dont get charged :)
    Thanks hunnie xx

  5. can i have the urbans decay palette & mac palette if its still availible ;-)

  6. Hi Jo!

    The MAC palette has gone but the U/D one is still available! Could you send £6.75 through paypal to, mark it as a gift and pop your address on the invoice for me? Thanks so much x

  7. Hiya ,

    I havent checked your comment till now hun i bought the alice palette last night so im skintos now ;-( I will have to pass xxx sorry hunnie xxxxx

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  9. They are Watermelon, Iced Honey, Jupiter, Margarita and Ceto