Monday, 21 June 2010

Recent Purchases...

I haven't bought anything for ages but I have sold quite a lot of stuff recently so I've been able to treat myself.

I got:

2 Models Own polishes in Fuzzy Peach and Golden Peach
Models Own Blush in Warm Glow
Models Own loose powder eyeshadow in Mocha
Collection 2000 Big Fake mascara
Barry M Dazzle Dust in 100 - I think its rust (free with More Magazine)
MUA eyeshadows and eye dust
Ring from Peacocks £4
Sunglasses from Peacocks £6

I was so happy to see our local Boots stocking Models Own as I really didn't expect them to get it. I'm really impressed with the things I bought and I'll do a seperate post on them.

I'll review the Collection 2000 mascara in a few weeks when I've given it a chance!

And I was also suprised to see our local Superdrug stocking MUA, again I didn't expect it as it wasn't on the list of stores with it. They had sold out of a lot of the stuff - cheap make up is obviously popular in my area! I already have one Pearl eyeshadow from them and wanted to try a couple more so I got Shade 10 and Shade 9, and I got an Eye Dust in Shade 5

From Bottom - Shade 9, Shade 10 and Eye Dust shade 5.

Considering they are only £1 they are good quality and are well pigmented. Shade 10 is really crumbly and causes terrible fallout.

And a swatch of Barry M Dazzle Dust 100

Its really glittery and pretty and my camera struggled to pick up the colour in the sun because of the glitter. The sunglasses are just for my holidays, and I bought the ring as I have wanted a big flower ring for ages but I have fat fingers and can't get dress rings to fit, when this did I had to buy it!

And lastly I bought this pefume..

Which is Diamonds from Next. I'm sure most of you will have seen a few posts on this on other blogs but its a dupe for Miss Dior. At £12 for 100ml you can't complain and is definately a more affordable alternative.


  1. Great haul! I really want to get that perfume! Supposed to be saving but might have to make a wee purchase!

    Lisa xx

  2. That purple shadow looks A-MAZING, hotfooting it to superdrug after work :D xx

  3. Great haul. Shade 9 of the MUA shadows is just stunning! I need to get that Next perfume. I'd love a review of the Models Own blush if possible :)