Tuesday, 1 June 2010

My Pure Reviews...

I know so many of you will have seen these reviews on so many other blogs as they picked 50 people to review their products and everybody has the same stuff. However, they have said they'll send more personalised stuff next time which is great.

So, first we have A'kin Pure Hydrating Rose Mist. A bit of blurb from the Mypure website

"A'kin Pure Rose Hydrating Mist is a revitalising mist designed to give your skin an instant refreshing lift and enliven your complexion, while soothing even the most sensitive of skins.

Australian Bush Flower Essences, old man banksia, dog rose and tall mulla mulla are used in this mist as well as aloe barbadensis leaf juice to calm skin, and vitamins B5 to soothe skin.

Akin Hydrating Rose Mist is formulated using sodium hyaluronate (hyaluronic acid), one of the latest discoveries in natural skin care. Sodium hyaluronate is a key water maintaining component in our skin. Modern living and ageing can cause a decrease in this vital skin boosting ingredient, and as a result the water maintaining ability of the skin is weakened.

[A'kin] uses certified organic ingredients wherever possible. When a certified organic ingredient is not available the natural alternative is used instead"

I've never used anything like this before as its not something that I've been interested in. But the smell is quite nice and its really refreshing on a hot day and it does actually help your make up look fresher which is great.

This is available for £12.99 for 125ml from the mypure website http://www.mypure.co.uk/akin-skin-care-b98/?utm_source=Blogging&utm_medium=May2010&utm_campaign=AkinMist

The next product is Lovea Moroccan Argan Brilliance shine shampoo. I have heard lots of things about Argan oil being great for your hair but most of it has been when you use it pure. A lot of the reviews for this have said it doesn't lather very well but I definitely didn't have that problem, it foamed well on the first wash and even better the second one (some days I shampoo my hair twice before conditioning if I've used lots of product). The smell is really love and it reminds me of holidays. I would buy this product again as it has left my hair feeling really soft and shiny. The packaging is okay, I don't really buy shampoo for what it looks like. I do like the tube though, its easier to dispense.

You can buy this for £4.99 for 200ml from the mypure website http://www.mypure.co.uk/lovea-b136?utm_source=Blogging&utm_medium=May2010&utm_campaign=LoveaShampoo

The last product is Kosmea Eight Natural Wonder Revitalising Facial Serum, this is said to lift dull and tired skin, and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. As it is more of an anti ageing serum I gave it to my mum to test out as I'm only 24 and I don't feel I need to use this type of product at the moment. I also didn't like the smell of it or how it felt on my sometimes oily skin.

My mum liked the smell of it and found it soaked into the skin easily, but the pump kept squirting a lot of product out and it went everywhere. She said it has made her skin feel a lot softer and she has noticed a little bit of difference. My dad says she looks glowy and shiny when she wears it haha! But I think he likes how it makes her look as on Sunday he kept telling her to put it on.

You can buy this from the Mypure website for £24.99 for 20 ml or £49.99 for 50 ml

Mypure only stock products that have not been tested on animals, and that are Sulfate and Paraben free.

These products were sent to me for review purposes, I am not paid for my reviews and they are all 100% honest based on my own experience's.

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