Wednesday, 21 October 2009


This is Eyeko Pretty Polish, it was £1.99 in Superdrug. Now I have tried one other Eyeko polish before which is the Vamp Polish and the coverage was pretty good with that. But this was a nightmare. The picture below shoes 4 coats on my nails! And as you can see its still not opaque, I put another coat on later on which slightly improved but still not fantastic. Its such a shame as its a really pretty colour once you build it up, I'm wondering if it will work better over a white polish. I was going to buy Barry M Baby pink polish, is it any better?


  1. That was the first eyeko nail polish I got and I wasn't too impressed either as the formula is just too thin. I also have eyeko's Disco polish now and I absolutely love it though! So they are hit and miss lol. x

  2. Such a cute colour. I love pink polish! x

  3. Barry M is far far better IMO, it's my go to brand for polishes. Just wished they made more work friendly colours. I wasn't impressed by Eyeko's nail polishes at all. Didn't like the formula and chipped so quickly.


  4. I nominated you for an award!