Tuesday, 27 October 2009


Sorry another NOTD, I've been full of a cold and not really in the mood to be doing FOTD's.

This is Barry M Black Red. I bought it last week and I really like it, I have applied 3 coats to get it looking even(ish) and I think its a good autumn/winter colour and also good for Halloween!

Barry M nail polishes are currently 2 for £5 in Boots, I also bought Coral!

Wednesday, 21 October 2009


This is Eyeko Pretty Polish, it was £1.99 in Superdrug. Now I have tried one other Eyeko polish before which is the Vamp Polish and the coverage was pretty good with that. But this was a nightmare. The picture below shoes 4 coats on my nails! And as you can see its still not opaque, I put another coat on later on which slightly improved but still not fantastic. Its such a shame as its a really pretty colour once you build it up, I'm wondering if it will work better over a white polish. I was going to buy Barry M Baby pink polish, is it any better?

Monday, 19 October 2009

Christmas at Superdrug

I've just been to my local Superdrug (just for a new nail polish, a dazzle dust and some nail varnish remover) and spotted the 3 for 2 christmas presents. I never knew they did this, is it a new thing? Anyway they have some great sets I spotted these 3 which I think I will buy and I think I will use one as a blog giveaway prize. I haven't forgotten I said I'd do one once I hit 20 followers but I just haven't gotten round to it yet.

They're all £10 each but on 3 for 2 it will only cost £20, which is perfect if you have any work Secret Santa's or for friends or family!

Friday, 16 October 2009

Shopping! NARS and Sleek.

So yesterday me and my sister http://make-itmake-up.blogspot.com/ took our brother shopping to give him a makeover! He's nearly 21 and his dress sense is not good, he wears lots of football shirts, wrestling and character tshirts! So yesterday we (when I say we, it was me who did most of the choosing!) took him to buy new clothes which was fun. But of course, I was in the city centre - I can't go there without a little trip in Selfridges. I went to the MAC counter but to be honest I have lost my love for them recently, there's nothing I really want (well maybe a few eyeshadows) but I just don't find the quality all that great. So we had a walk around, and ended up at NARS. The night before I went I couldn't sleep because I was trying to decide what I should buy (sad right?) as I blogged the other day I haven't been buying new make up as I need new clothes but I can't find much I like in the shops at the moment, so I had been thinking of buying NARS Orgasm blush.

We went to the counter and as usual I was being very indecisive so the counter girl tried Orgasm, Super Orgasm and Deep Throat on me but I preffered Orgasm. So I got that and the Mekong eyeshadow which is just so so gorgeous I LOVE it!!

You can see from that swatch how beautiful and sparkly it is! I have come to accept now I am a neutral girl, I don't go for the bright eyeshadows I just like the browns and shimmery shades. I also went to Superdrug and bought the Sleek Ink Por eyeliner gel in glacier which is just white, I wanted it for a base for my eyeshadows. So today I applied the glacier over my lid, mekong all over the lid and blended up and out a bit, then I put a bit of gold on the inner quarter of my eye. It looks lovely "in real life" but I just can't get it to pick up on camera, it looks green!

But here is my FOTD

(Excuse the hair I haven't had chance to straighten it yet)
So I have on my usual foundation, MSF and my new NARS Orgasm blush (which I dropped!!! I really thought it would have smashed I felt sick!) with Mekong and the gold colour from the Sleek storm pallette on my eyes, white barry m liner on the waterline and Rimmel The Max mascara!
My sister bought 2 eyeshadows, a blue and a white I can't remember their name's but she has gone shopping again today so no doubt she will do a post on her blog later on, look out for that. We were both so excited and hyper after we'd bought them it was quite funny.

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Barry M Metallic liquid liner - Review

Two weeks ago Barry M had a draw on their blog http://ilovebarrym.blogspot.com/ of all their followers to win one of their new eye products. Either the Metallic liquid liners or their Matte eye crayons. I chose the liquid liner in metallic black as I wanted to try a liquid liner other than the MAC one I recently bought. The draw was on friday and I received my eye liner on the saturday! I was very excited (sad me?)

And this is the applicator, which is more of a sponge than a brush and a swatch of the liner

I have used it a few time since I got it and I really like it. I find the colour is perfect as its not too black to look really harsh during the daytime, its easier to apply and to remove (unlike the MAC Liquidlast)

So this is it on my eye, please excuse the mess I have made with it. I normally do a much better job, I don't know what went wrong today.

I find I can usually do very good winged or cat eyeliner with it.

This retail for £4.50 and are available from the Barry M website now http://www.barrym.com/products/product.asp?id=144or in Superdrug.

Rimmel The Max Volumeflash mascara - Review.

I bought this mascara a few weeks ago, I blogged about it then (by the way those shoes I bought on the same day for my anniversary night out killed my feet, I just cannot wear heels anymore :( ) but I needed to give it a chance for me to give a good review on it.

This is the packaging, I bought it from Boots for £5.99 I think so its a really good price.

The packaging is nice, I like the pink colour. It also makes it easy to find in my make up bag as my usual mascara's are black and the same colour as my brushes and eyeliners! The brush is a big brush, not massive but I like big brushes as I find I get the best results with them.

Here is my lashes without any mascara

And after 1 coat of the mascara

So you can see a big difference! I love this mascara so much, as you know before I bought this I was using Diorshow and Benefit bad gal lash together but I won't be bothering spending so much money on mascara now I have found this. I usually put 2-3 coats on just to get them more volume and I love the effect it gives me. I think everybody should give it a go, for £6 you have nothing to lose!

New things!


So like I said sorry about my lack of posts recently, I haven't been buying a lot of make up recently and have instead been buying clothes as my wardrobe is in major need of updating! But I did buy a few things a couple of weeks ago. I got the MAC 188 brush, Liquidlast eyeliner and Politely pink lipstick.

I like the 188 brush, I didn't expect it to be so small but I do like it for buffing the foundation into my skin, obviously because its only small it does take a bit longer. I have found I use more foundation this way however, so I might find another use for this brush and use my normal foundation brush. What do you use your 188 for?

I do really like the Liquidlast liner but once its on, its on. If you make a mistake you have no chance of rectifiying it so its good as long as you are good with liquid liner.

And the lipstick is lovely, from the swatch on the website I didn't expect it to be so light but I do really like it

However, it kind of reminds me of Ambre Rose, but I love that too so I don't mind. Its a lovely daytime lipstick and really easy to apply, I can even do it without a mirror.

Tuesday, 13 October 2009


So I know I haven't done a post for well over a week, I've just had my head stuck up my bottom but I have a few things to blog about tommorow so I'll be back x

Sunday, 4 October 2009


So I know this isn't make up or beauty related but I felt like I needed to post this here as this is my blog and I do use it sometimes to get things out..

Today would have been my due date from my ectopic. I thought we would do something to mark the day, but we didn't. I feel fine with that as I wanted to deal with it in my own way. Col made a start on decorating our front room and I went to my parents for the day and did a bit of shopping and spent lots of time cuddling and kissing Alice. We have both been at my parents tonight as it is my little brothers birthday and we had a little party. We have just got home now, and this is the first time I have thought about it properly (apart from receiving a card from my friend Sophie this morning) and I went onto the EPT website and lit a candle for our baby which can be found here http://www.ectopic.org.uk/candletributes/candle.php?id=767&referrer=index.php and it all hit me. I can't describe how sad I feel, I know there are a lot of people out there who have lost babies and will understand how I'm feeling now. I just never expected anything like this to happen to me, I really didn't. I thought I might be alone in feeling like this, but Col told me after reading Sophie's card today it hit him (on thursday he told me he wanted to do things his way and just move on) but Sophie's card said "your baby will be looking down on you" and it hit him....it was a baby really I don't think he has thought of it that way before.

So I remembered reading a poem a while back about losing a baby so I searched for it. I couldn't find it but I found this..

Your Little Angel

Forever will I love you You will always be my mom As I sit with angels I look down at you and point proudly See . . .See her . . .over there, That's her!

Did you know I could hear your thoughts at night When you used to lie in bed staring, rubbing your hand on your belly Looking up at the ceiling in the dark wondering things . . . Who I would look more like . . . About how my laugh would sound . . .My First steps . . .Books that you would read to me . . ones with pictures . . . "I like Those!"

The park . . .how you would walk me in a stroller to play on the swings How about after I ate ice cream the dog excitedly licking my face almost knocking me down . . . You just smiled when you read that . . I could see you

Do you know I call you "mommy"? When you are in the kitchen I pretend I am there also and you can see me I sit at the table and draw with crayons I made a picture for the refrigerator Yellow, blue, red and green Look its of you and me with a sky and treesI gave you curly hair . . .

Easter . . .that's my favorite I always think of you holding my hand taking me to church One of my socks keeps falling down
Mommy . . .I like the way you kiss my sisters goodnighton the forehead and tuck them in I play with them in their dreams They don't know me but if you ask if they ever dreamed of playing with a little girl they would say yes . . . That's me . . . Do you remember that bird each early spring that used to always return and sing It would have been right around the time of my birthday That was me to . . .
I would sing "I love you"
I am always along side you . . . Sometimes you can feel me A brush against your dress, a breeze on your face . . .that's when I kiss you You have always kept me in your mind and heart Thank you . . . One day we will be together in heaven and you will cry and lift me in your arms and I will hugyou so very tight and never let go . . .
But for now I have to . . .
No matter where you go, what you do, I am with you Always know that I am "Your Little Angel" I love you mommy . . . Bye . . .________________________ "Your Little Angel" copyright (c) protected Russell Scott Steven Andersen 1997 all rights reserved.

Which I got from http://www.thelaboroflove.com/prose/poems/yourangel.html

It just hit home to me and really touched me. Its incredibly sad, but also soothing as I think of it as my baby's voice

I'm hoping, now we are past this date, that things will get easier for me to deal with it. I think since my surgery I have been waiting for this date to come and knowing how hard it would be. To be honest it has taken me nealy 24 hours to cry, I think I've done rather well.

Friday, 2 October 2009

Meet my other half..

So I know a lot of bloggers have done this so I thought I would join in..

This is my husband Col (Colin)

On what was the happiest day of his life. We have both agreed the day Alice was born was the best day of both out lives, better than our wedding day (so many people say its the best day of your life but just wait until you give birth honestly nothing can beat it) we both instantly fell in love with her.

I met Col in November 2002, I was 16 he was 21. We met in a club called Atomic on a saturday night, one of his friends introduced us after I'd tried shouting at Dave for something he'd done a few weeks before. We went out the next night to see 28 days later...the rest as they say is history. We haven't had an easy ride, we split up 2 times in our first year of being together - only for about a week at a time. And in 200 we had a break as we lived together and things were just getting on top of us both. But since we got past that things have been great, we got pregnant with Alice, I gave birth to Alice, we had all the trials and tribulations of having a newborn baby which brought us closer together, we got married last september. In february we lost a baby to an ruptured ectopic pregnancy which was very tough for us, I am a very emotional person and my way to deal with things is to cry and think about things too much. Col's is just to pretend it never happened.

Even so, I love him so much and really can't imagine life without him.

Great competition!

Missmercurylady is having a great blog giveaway over on her great blog http://missmercurylady.blogspot.com/search?updated-max=2009-09-20T09%3A56%3A00-05%3A00&max-results=1

She has some great prizes so go and check out her blog and enter! x