Tuesday, 26 January 2010

NYX Haul

I ordered some NYX things from Ebay and they came today, I put the order in on Sunday 17th and they came today which isn't too bad.
I got 2 blushes and 6 lipsticks

The 2 blushes are Silky Rose and Natural. I got lipsticks in Watermelon, Margharita, Indian pink, Iced Honey, Ceto and Jupiter.

Silky Rose blush is so pigmented I put it on when it got here (how handy that I was about to put my blush on as the postman knocked on the door!) and I put a bit too much on. Its a lovely colour though. The lipsticks aren't anything like the swatches on Ebay and 2 of them are almost identical.

No I haven't swatched the same lipstick twice, they are different ones but exactly the same. Kind of disapointed about that.

And without Flash.

The blushes are lovely though and I'm really glad I bought them. The lipsticks are nice and moisterising, I will probably wear them I just wish they were more true to the swatches I bought from.

My sister ordered 2 runway palette's, 3 jumbo eye crayons and 6 lipsticks also with me and the total order including shipping came to around £42. The lipsticks were 6 for £10 including shipping which isn't too bad.


  1. The exact same happened to me when I ordered mine off ebay, the lipsticks were a lot darker than I thought they were, the swatches aren't very accurate.

    I love the look of the Natural blush.


  2. I like my NYX! The blush looks great, as do some of the lippies. Shame about the dupe though :(

  3. I love those blushes. I can't make my mind up about the lipsticks. I ordered some from ebay and agree the swatches are useless! The runway palettes and jumbo pencils are my favourites! xx