Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Two more things for the blog sale.

I forgot about two items. These are things I was given as gifts and I have used once and just forgotten about.

The first is a Swarovski encrusted Dior Sparkling Lipgloss and Lipstick set. Apprently this is a collectors item...except I didn't know that. I have used it with my own lip brush once. There are 4 crystals missing.

And the second is a DIORGLAM Face & Eyes highlighting powder. Again I have only used it once or twice. SOLD

I know both items sell for £30 new. But I don't want that much obviously. I don't know how much I want for them, under £10 sounds reasonable. Maybe if I say £8 each plus postage? If you think that's too much tell me and I will accept reasonable offers. I'll send them both recorded, the highlighter will be £2, the gloss will probably be about £2.50 as its really heavy.


  1. I would love to buy the highlighter off you but im not sure how i would pay for it? they look gorgeous!! xxx

  2. my email is treenymoose@hotmail.com xx