Thursday, 15 July 2010

The Hills...end of a era!

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So I just watched the last ever The Hills, and I feel sad its all over. I only started watching it 2 years ago but after watching one episode I just went online the next day and spent a couple of days getting up to date with all the episodes. I love the drama, the clothes, and the friendships.

I hate Spencer (Pratt by name, Pratt by nature), Heidi seems to have lost the plot, Brody doesn't deserve any of the girls, and Justin Bobby definitely doesn't deserve Audrina.

There's been so much talk over whether its real or not and you do find out at the end of the episode (I'm not spoiling anything for anyone but its likely you already know as I read it on the Daily Mail website) And as much as I didn't want to, I started to like Kristin.

I think my favourite person is Lo, I love her. She's cute and she's normal and funny. She's not been in it as much as she should have been but I loved hers and LC's friendship and is the one I identify with the most.

Have you seen the episode yet? What did you think and do you have a favourite character or favourite moment from the whole show?


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