Friday, 23 July 2010

My first Wahanda experience..

When I was contacted by Wahanda asking if I wanted to help them promote their deals in Manchester, I jumped at the chance. I think what they do is fantastic, they always have fab deals on and I know they're already very popular amongst bloggers around the country.

Wahanda offer daily deals on spa and beauty treatments in London, Manchester, Birmingham and now Leeds with up to 90% off. You all saw the post I did on Monday about their £2 deals and that's just an example of the fab offers they do.

Here's how it works if you're not familiar with them:

1)Using the power of collective buying, Wahanda negotiates special volume discounts with top spas, salons and studios to offer one exciting MobDeal every day from Monday to Friday.

2)The deal is open to everyone but is only available for 24 hours, and only comes into effect if enough people sign up for that day’s MobDeal (the number varies by day and deal).

3)Customers are encouraged to share the deal with friends via email and social networking tools such as Facebook and Twitter because if the minimum number of purchases is not met, no one gets the deal.

4)Once a MobDeal has been purchased by the minimum number of customers, the unbeatable deal is officially “live” and is available for the rest of the day for anyone to purchase
They also donate £1 to a charity called Water for every purchase made, which is pretty amazing.
I had a voucher for a hair cut and an intensive conditioning treatment at a Mahogany salon in Manchester. When this was on offer it was £25 for the voucher and its value was £77 so that's a saving of £52 which is a massive saving! I would be more than happy to pay that for a haircut in a city centre salon as I'm sure well know a decent haircut doesn't come cheap.
When I arrived I was taken to a chair and told Karen who is a senior stylist at Mahogany what I hated about my hair (its lack of volume and that I'm trying to grow out a graduated bob) and what I liked (the length at the front). I asked her not to make all of my hair the same length as when I'm growing out my old graduated bob as it just wouldn't suit me and I expected to be told it would look silly but she listened to me and I was lead to the sinks to have my conditioning treatment. After it was applied I sat under the heaters for 20 minutes and was looked after very well!
I told Karen I tend to leave a long time between appointments as I have a phobia of having my hair cut, hairdressers just seem to get a bit scissor happy on my hair. So I may have put her under pressure to make sure I was happy but I was really happy with it! Generally hairdressers make a pigs ear of my fringe but she cut it really nicely and made sure it lay right. As she dried my hair she was giving me tips on how to get more volume and she also gave me some colouring advice.
As I dye my hair at home I tend to buy different colours all the time so I thought I had to put it on all over my hair for the full time. However she told me that all the colour has built up on the ends and the follicles have sucked it all up. So the ends of my hair are a lot darker than my roots, she told me to put the colour on my roots and to leave it on for 20 minutes and then whack the rest of the colour on my ends for the last 10 minutes. Which is what I did the day after my appointment so I'm hoping I'll soon have healthy hair!
The treatment left my hair feeling lovely and soft and healthy looking and I was really happy with it. The cut looked fab and I left feeling really happy. I don't have one bad thing to say about the salon they made me feel comfortable and confident in their hands.
There are some fantastic Offers on the Wahanda website for hair cuts and treatments at the moment and I definitely recommend you go and have a look and buy one, a lot of them are in London but there's a couple in the Midlands! When its time for me to have my next cut I'll definitely be looking for another MobDeal!
If you're looking for deals in the Manchester area check out this link as they are still offering the £20 worth of treatments for £2.

My new hair! I did have to clip back my fringe as I'm not having a good fringe day! x

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