Thursday, 8 July 2010

MAC Jazzed vs Ever Hip..(and a little rant!)

SO if you follow me on Twitter you will know the nightmare I've had the past couple of days with DHL and MAC. My order was supposed to be delivered on tuesday but it didn't come, DHL told me it had to be here by 9pm wednesday evening or they will be breaking their contract with MAC. Anyway it didn't come and this morning I had to phone the big DHL call centre, then the local one and then the driver to find out where it was, and he told me DHL had given him too much work and he'd forgotten about it. I really don't think this is good service and I know I'm not the first person to have problems with DHL but I was quite relieved to have my lipstick because its now sold out!

Anyway, a lot of people have been saying Jazzed is similar to Ever Hip, which I didn't hear until after I ordered it and I was a bit worried I'd ordered a dupe but when I compared the two they are definately different.

No Flash

With Flash.

So you can see Ever Hip is more Pink than Jazzed.

Here is Jazzed on the lips

And Ever Hip

I hope you can see the difference between the two, I can in real life but I'm not sure it comes across in photo's. I love them both, they're both very wearable. Its just a shame they're both limited edition.


  1. :( i wish i had bought Jazzed now instead of I like it like that. The two pinks are so similar but jazzed is gorgeous!!!
    Thats terrible about dhl, they hav lost afew of our parcels before & everytime I recieve a mac order it reeks of cigarette smoke!!! :(
    Luv xXx

  2. 'DHL gave him too much work and he forgot about it.' Umm. Excuse me??! Written complaint if I were you. Kick off. If you said to MAC/DHL: 'Oh sorry I didn't pay you, I bought too many things and forgot about it', pretty sure they wouldn't stand for that!
    Nice lippy though! :) xx

  3. Ooh I like these colours :-)

  4. Well I did email MAC, as like I said in the post DHL told me if it wasn't delivered by 9pm last night they would've been breaking their cotract
    with MAC, and MAC said there is nothing wrong with the service I received!

    It is a lovely colour x

  5. You can definitely tell that Ever Hip is a lot pinkier from these photos...!

    I love my Ever Hip, but I 'm glad I ordered Jazzed too, especially since they 're not really dupes, even if they are in the same colour family... I just hope that my fairly pink lips actually manage to show the difference....!


  6. Well mine are pretty pink Tina and I just put foundation over them to make lipstick look "normal"

    I think Ever Hip is definately my favourite x

  7. Thanks for the comparison. I missed out on both Jazzed and Ever Hip so there goes that. Sigh.