Monday, 18 October 2010

Accessorize do Cosmetics...

I was so excited recently to hear Accessorize have released a line of new cosmetics to be sold on their website and in Superdrug stores. I love everything Accessorize sell, they're jewellery is beautiful, well made and affordable so I was pleased to hear they were heading into the world of cosmetics.

Released at the end of September, the new new range consists of five themes to choose from - Rock Star, Exotic Brights, With Love, Illusion and Je t'aime.

Rock Star encourages you to "embrace the edgy, glam-rock look emerging this season with bold eyeliner, dramatic nails, eye catching shades and glittery shadows."

I love the sound of this range for this season, I love a smokey eye and dark nails to see me through autumn to winter! The Rock Star Hot Smudge for £5 looks fantastic.

With Love claims to be "The ultimate handbag beauty buys, boasting a selection of on-trend lip colours and blushes, classic eye shades and baked bronzers to give you an all year-round glow"

I love the sound of the baked bronzer £6, and the blushes £5. They look like good dupes for the MAC Mineralize skinfinishes and blushes. The coral coloured lipstick £5 in the promo image looks amazing and will be one I will definitely be looking out for.

Exotic Brights - "Turn Heads wherever you go with this deliciously daring selection of nail colours, sparkling eye crayons and neon eye dusts"

The pastel nail polishes look gorgeous, for £4 each I think they're great value. I'm also interested to see how the sparkling eye crayons will perform as I've had troubles with eye crayons creasing before. It would be great if they perform well as they're only £3 each!

Illusion - "Luxurious gold packaging and playful glamour makes this collection a dressing table essential. Dreamy hues including dusky pink, purple shimmer and bronze, all with an iridescent beauty, make every day a dress up day"

The first things to catch my eye are those gorgeous iridescent nail polishes, they look like they could be good dupes for the recent polishes from the MAC Venemous Villains release and the Orly FX collection, for £4 they're definitely worth a try.  The baked eye shadows cost only £4.50 and they look beautiful!

JE T'AIME - "Experience love at first sight Je'Taime's smoky eyes and dusky nail shades. Parisian beauty is captured with a selection of pretty pinks, purples and slate grey shades"

I love the look the the taupey-mauve shade at the front, and the slate grey behind it! Again for £4 you really can't go wrong.

I'm really impressed with the thought that's gone into the collections and the ideas behind them. The packaging doesn't look cheap and would appeal to all markets. The price range makes it affordable for everyone with the most expensive item being the primer for £9 and the eyeshadow palette's for £8.

I can't wait to try it, what are your thoughts on the collection?


  1. The iridiscent nail polishes is the only think I 'd consider purchasing, indeed, they do look like dupes of the Orly fx ones!

    However, I can't really say that I 'm feeling this collection, I would have preferred sth less.. funky packaging wise!


  2. thanks for sharing - i love all this x