Saturday, 9 October 2010

The Future's bright, the future's....Tangerine?

This is Tangerine Queen from Models Own and I was sent this to review by Sam at MAF just before my holiday. I have to admit orange is not a colour I would ever choose for myself so I was very wary when I tried it.

When it's applied, it dries matte rather than shiny this is 2 coats.

Yes its very bright!!!

I have to admit this really isn't for me I don't go for bright colours like this, I'm more drawn to pinks, neutrals and dark colours - I'm very much a boring lass!

However, I can imagine on someone who tans much better than me this would be fantastic! Unfortunately it just made me feel very self conscious about my hands. I didn't keep it on long enough to chip but I imagine as with all Models Own Polishes it lasts very well!


  1. Ooh that's TOO neon for me, looks like highlighter pens :-)

  2. I'm way darker than you and that's not really my cup of tea either. I think I'd prefer it if it was creme and not matte too.

  3. Yeah I know what you both mean. Its just TOO bright!

  4. umm what a shame
    lovely idea but it's not working for me
    should have been darker with a nice opalescence of that colour
    deffo screams stabilo boss neon pen x

  5. The one thing about the Models Own site is that you can never tell what the finish is going to be! :/ I think that these shades look great on some people but on me it's a big no no! I play it safe most of the time as well.

  6. Ooooh that colour looks great, I love bright colours!! Will have to get this one and try it with a shiny top coat x