Monday, 11 October 2010

A New hair FOTD...

So the tale continues of me and my ever changing hair colour! When I posted my FOTD last week I mentioned how I can't get rid of the gingerish tint to my hair when it was blonde, I tried to do my own roots this week and it was disasterous so I decided to just give up on the blonde and go back to my usual colour. But I was told because of the bleach I had to put on a red dye which I did and used my ever faithful Plum Power by Feria...

I'm a lot happier with it now, the ginger in my hair was driving me mad before and no amount of purple shampoo or Lee Stafford Hot Shots was fixing it enough for me. Now I feel much more wintery and more like myself, I definitely prefer my hair a darker shade.

Now for the FOTD...

MAC Studio Fix Foundation
MAC Studio Sculpt concealer
MAC MSF Natural in Medium
Rimmel Bronzer
MAC Ripe Peach blush
White Rabbit eyeshadow from the Alice in Wonderland BOS all over the lid
The dark silvery colour in the same BOS
Dark grey from Sleek Graphite
Eyeko Graffitti liner in black
Sleek Waterproof Mascara
Collection 2000 lipgloss in Glow


  1. yay for the return of the reddish brown. blonde suited you so well too but it seemed like a maintenance nightmare xx

  2. i love your lips. Is it just the collection 2000 gloss?

    Emma x.x.x

  3. Thank you Liloo!

    Hi Emma - Yep just the Collection 2000 gloss its one of them that has a mirror on the side and lights inside the lid x