Monday, 18 October 2010

Bourjois Bio Detox Foundation..

Recently Bourjois released a new Organic foundation that claims to "even out the complexion, minimize pores and conceal imperfections". One of the ingredients of Bio Detox is chlorophyll from plants which gives oxygen and filters polution which should leave your skin pure and fresh.

Picture taken from Bourjois website.

They say its non-pore blocking, oil free and anti-shine....

I used this on friday, the smell of it when it comes out is cucumber which isn't too unpleasant. It was quite hard to apply and found it difficult to blend, the coverage is full coverage as Bourjois say. It left my skin looking very matte, I didn't use any concealer and set it with my usual MSF Natural and applied some San Tropez Bronzer to put some glow back in my skin!

Well two hours later my face was shine city and I could smell the foundation which had started to smell like old fashioned make up, you know that really perfumed smell? It really made me feel sick and my face felt so horrible and oily. Now, my skin is combination skin and throughout the month it changes at the moment it is a little on the oily side but when I've used my Lasting Perfection foundation or my MAC SFF it's been fine and has stayed put without shinyness. As the day went on it just felt worse, it changed colour and the smell just stuck all day I couldn't wait to wash it off.

There's so many mixed reviews of this foundation, people with normal skin are saying it dries them out, whereas others love it! If you don't want to shell out £7.99 for the foundation, there is a sample inside this month's Elle magazine (which you also get a free Clinique lipgloss with!) I'm glad I didn't buy it as after the first good reviews of it from the girls who went to the Bourjois event, I was really looking forward to trying it but it was dissapointing to say the least.


  1. Ohhh thats a good thing to mention, about the free sample. It'll save some people forking out 8 quid on crap! haha.


  2. I bought that issues of Elle yesterday and noticed the sample. Was thinking I might try it as I need to buy a new foundation, but I'm not sure I want to now, after reading what happened with yours! x

  3. hmmm... not sure whether to go for this or not! I sub to Elle so maybe Ill get the sample soon. My skin is leaning on the dry side now so it might be a bad idea!
    Thanks so much for this post! so helpful! xx

  4. Franki - Give it a try if you've got the sample! As I said loads of people have had different experiences.

    Nikki - I got the magazine about 2 weeks ago, I sub to them too have you not had it yet?!

    Jo - I'm so glad I didn't spend £8!! x