Monday, 17 May 2010

Cloud Nine summer hair: Beachy Waves & Kinky Straight

The second look Cloud Nine came up with was Beachy Waves..

This is a gorgeous, stylish summer look that anybody with mid length hair can recreate! It looks effortless and is really easy to do yourself.
Set the iron to 100, starting at the nape of the neck take one inch sections and wrap once around the iron, slowly glide down the length of the hair

As you get closer to the top of the scalp, do the same thing but start a few inches down the length of the hair

Separate the curls with serum

Its such a gorgeous style and the photo's of it are beautiful (it helps that the model is gorgeous too obviously!)

This third style is Kinky Straight. I don't have step by step photo's but I do have instructions for you

Step 1 - Whilst blow drying the hair, use a big round brush to add extra volume to the roots.

Step 2 - Starting at the nape of the neck, take one inch deep sections and insert the irons at the roots. Give them a slight rotation and glide along the length of the hair. Make sure you turn the ends under.

Step 3 - When working closer to the scalp, start a few inches away to create a lift.

Step 4 - Flip your head upside down and use a soft brush

Step 5 - Tip the head back and style into place.

It looks simple and pretty and again is really easy for you to recreate. All the videos of how to recreate the looks will be on the Cloud Nine website.

My next post will be me and Emily having a go ourselves and my review on the irons!

All photo's are property of Propaganda.


  1. Oh I love the beachy waves! Ive had my hair cut tho so I cant do it and Im gutted. It was a stupid idea to get my hair cut :(

    Lisa xx

  2. I know Lisa, I had my hair cut in december and it was really long and I went short. It has started to grow back now and I'm about to do a post about my new hair colour and I actually managed to curl it with the irons yesterday x

  3. The beach waves are beautiful! I'm always struggling with things to do with my hair as it is that awkward in the middle length, this is great though! Shame im trying to stay away from the hair straightners, when my ban is lifted I'm going to try it :) xxx