Saturday, 1 May 2010

In Style Magazine freebie!

In Style magazine are giving away a free Nails Inc polish with every magazine and there are 3 colours to collect. The magazine is £3.60, the polish is worth £10. So not quite as good as the Glamour deal last year (Glamour is only £2) but still a good deal!

I got Mink and Candy, the other colour is a red apparently but I didn't want that one.

Mink is a gorgeous colour! I really love it and I never thought I'd wear a brown polish.

On pictures Candy looked pink and I was really looking forward to it. In reality, its lilac and very similar to 17's Parma Violet. I don't know why I bought it as I could see that as soon as I picked it up, anyway here it is...

I prefer Parma Violet, the consistency is a lot better.

I reccomend you all go out and buy Mink though its beautiful.



  1. oh yay, thank you for swatching these :)
    first one i see so your post is very special.
    i bought the pink/lilac, and I think i might have made a mistake.
    i dont know, we'll see xx

  2. I got the mink one too... gorgeous! xx

  3. I got the candy one, boo. All the others on the shelf were the red one and like you said, didn't fancy it.

  4. excellent! I have my polish on its way to me at the moment! I dont know why it wasnt in my subscription :( cant wait to see what I get though! xx

  5. The mink looks nice but not so sure about the pink... hmm! xx

  6. I'm glad you've managed to get your hands on them!

    Liloo - If you don't already have a lilac polish it will be great! But try and get Mink too x

  7. I got the candy one too! Thanks for the swatches! I got my nails done the other day so i've not been able to try it out yet.


  8. The offer is so great but there isn't really a colour i want very badly. I do really like parma violet but i've got a few polishes that colour already :/