Sunday, 16 May 2010

Cloud Nine Summer Hair: The Crimp

Anyone who has used Cloud 9 stylers or even if you have browsed their website will know their motto is "Less heat more style" , they are made by the original creators of GHD's. They don't try to say they're better than GHD, but they do say they give you more options on the amount of heat you use on your hair, as the stylers go up to 200 degrees.

All of their new summer looks from the photo shoot were created with less than 150 degrees! Which is fantastic. I'll just share a bit of the press release with you

" Drop The Heat And Have Amazing Hair With Cloud Nine This Summer

Cloud Nine, the styling iron brand that’s taken the hairdressing world by storm, with fans including James Brown and Richard Ward, has created a range of stunning summer looks that can all be achieved using lower temperatures of 150 and less – regular straighteners are set at temperatures around 200.

The Cloud Nine styling iron, which boasts a digital temperature control panel, was used by session stylist, Guillaume Vappereau, to create three key looks for summer – Beach Waves, Kinky Straight and The Crimp.

The looks, which all echo Guillaume’s work at London & New York Fashion Week and this year’s Oscars, have all been created to show women that they can have breathtaking summer hair, without using searing heat.

Tousled, Beach Waves are perfect for summer – easy relaxed and chic – and with a lower temperature, you can achieve a softer wave, rather than tight curls. Alternatively, Kinky Straight is a look that’s groomed, yet natural looking – but allowing the ends to have a slight kink, rather than a curl, is a must.

For a bolder, high fashion look, The Crimp is a show-stopping style that taps into the resurgence of crimped hair that was seen on Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter catwalks. To pull off this look, it’s essential you contrast dramatic crimped front sections with more natural waves or straight hair to achieve dual texture perfection. It’s also essential you get the look with a maximum temperature of 150, to style without burning your hair. "

I love all of the styles! Even The Crimp, I know a lot of people are very wary of crimping and how it could look dated but the way Guillaume styled it, made it look fantastic!

Here are some step by step photo's

First, heat the styler to 150, then you make plaits in the section of hair you want to crimp..

Then, run the iron down each plait several times and leave them to cool down

Release the plaits, and run a soft brush lightly through the hair

I think this is a great way to wear crimped hair, it looks effective and stylish and is something I have been wanting to try out since I saw it, but I haven't had the chance yet.

In my next post I'll show you the other two styles. Cloud Nine do have video's on how to recreate this exact look which will be on their website soon.

All photo's are property of Propaganda.


  1. the model has got gorgeous hair, wow!

  2. I'm so desperat for a pair of Cloud 9s. I love this look and it seems a very clever way to do it but i think i'd rather just whip out my old school crimpers than take the time to plait all my hair :P

  3. Haha yeah I know what you mean. Good for those who don't have crimpers though x