Thursday, 22 April 2010

Over the Taupe..

Sorry for the cheesy title.

I have a bit of a thing for Taupe eyeshadows at the moment. I have wanted to buy MAC's Satin Taupe for months and always talk myself out of it, 2 weeks ago I was out shopping and decided to find some dupes so I went and swatched Satin Taupe and went round Boots and Superdrug trying to find something very similar. I failed, even the Ruby & Millie one that a few people have said is identical isn't in my opinion. As my luck would have it, someone was selling Satin Taupe on Make up advice forum for £5 a few weeks ago so I bought it. And then I realised I have quite a few taupe shades...but I love the way they look on my eyes they really make the blue stand out.

So here are my favourites..

All cosmetics companies seem to have their own version of Taupe.

Here is MAC's Satin Taupe

Sue Moxley's Katherine Taupe

A Smashbox Taupe

Too Faced Taupe

Urban Decay Stray Dog

Urban Decay Mushroom

Swatches in the order above

What are your favourite eyeshadow shade's? Do you have any Taupe eyeshadows you would reccomend?



  1. I too love Taupe eyeshadows, and they look great with different coloured pigments over the top :)

    Satin Taupe is my HG eyeshadow :) xxx

  2. not cheesy title at all :)
    i loved it x
    i know very little about taupe, so cant pronounce myself, but i enjoyed the pretty picshures xx

  3. I lvoe taupe coloured shadows ... i agree they really make blue eye's pop :)

    Love the dupes too ... nice to know :)