Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Weight Loss

So I may have mentioned that I have been trying to lose weight with Weight Watchers. I have been on the Weight Watchers diet since the beginning of Feb so 2 months now and have lost 15lb. I did lose 15.5lb but last week I put half on after the bank holiday weekend..oops! I'm really struggling this week and want to give up as I'm finding weekends really hard and even though I weigh in on a thursday it doesn't help. My big problem is wine, I'm not an alcoholic or anything but I enjoy wine at weekends when Alice is in bed and we're chilling out downstairs. I try to cut it out every weekend but it doesn't happen I end up buying a bottle.

Anyway I took pictures on Feb 23rd and today I took more to try and spur me on.

This is Before

This is After

And again Before

And after

I can see a difference and I can see its working but after losing 15lb I still can't get into the next size down jeans. I am the same weight I was before I got pregnant with Alice and can't get into those clothes, my body shape has changed a lot. So please everyone encourage me to keep going because I'm so ready to give up on this and I want to lose at least another 14lb.



  1. Well done! Thats a huge change!! I think if your being good allll week then why not have a few wines! You might not lose as much weight AS quick, but if you cut eveything out, get to your goal wait and then start having wine, you might gain weight and just think sod it!! I dunno if that makes sense lol.

    But well done so far! Youve done amazingly and look fab xxx

  2. come on sister you can do it :D xx

  3. You are doing SO well, keep going! Just think of a glass of wine or 2 at the weekends as a treat for doing so well during the week.


  4. Congratulations your doing so well! you can really see the difference! :) xx

  5. you look amazing i too am trying to loose weight and i feel your pain but think about summer and all those beautiful dresses weel be able to wear! x

  6. Wow, that's a huge change! You look wonderful.
    Congratulations! I'm sure you'll keep losing the weight.
    I'm trying to lose weight too but have only started properly.

  7. Thank you everybody!

    My focus is all the jeans I have in the wardrobe which will fit me!! I'm just having this week off as I'm feeling a bit rubbish, but I'm trying to exercise aswell as eat badly this week so hopefully the damage won't be so bad next week!


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  9. Grr.... my husband was last on my computer obviously...

    where was I?!

    Oh yes... You're looking amazing - keep going, I'm the same as you and can sympathise on the being the same weight but different shape thing. None of my pre-pregnancy jeans fit either *sigh*

    We can do it!

  10. Thank you Charlotte! Its a nightmare isn't it? Babies destry your body...they are worth it though x